Water / Sewer PLUS

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  • Sewer BackupΑναγνωρισμένο
    15 Steuben Street STATEN ISLAND, NY 10304, NY - South Beach
    whenever it rains the street becomes a river
  • Sewer BackupΑναγνωρισμένο
    1 Winant St New York 10303, United States - Mariners Harbor
    Street storm watersewer backing up
  • Sewer BackupΑναγνωρισμένο
    160-272 Schmidts Ln Staten Island, NY, 10314, USA - Todt Hill
    NYCHA building flooding, discharging untreated sanitary waste from basement, release of untreated sanitary waste is flooding the basement, exiting the building and entering the storm drain outside the basement door, since the building is on such a high hill and the storm drains are also clogged with silt thanks to DEP never cleaning them, the sewage re-emerges out of a storm drain at street level into a city bus stop, this untreated waste can contain e-coli hepatitis and covid 19. There is a stench and possible aerosol formation. Residents exposed to odors, bus riders and shoppers exposed to liquid sewage.
    This is an ongoing, well-documented problem, known to the department of health via 311 complaints and numerous nycha complaints.
    Please help.
  • Sewer BackupΑναγνωρισμένο
    18 Mann Ave Staten Island Ny 10314 - Westerleigh-Castleton
    The city sewer in front of 18 Mann ave was overflowing with human feces and toilet paper as seen in the picture attached on,November 9th 2018. The water then travels down the street and settles in front of my house at 25 Marble street. This is a constant issue that happens on a regular basis, and I have called 311 several times.
    I have not received any type of information from anyone at DEP after my several 311 complaints over the last 2 years.
  • Sewer BackupΑναγνωρισμένο
    2 Cross St New York 10304, United States - Clifton
    Catch-basin covered with weeds and vegetation. Basin itself needs to be cleared of trash. Causes flooding when it rains. Issue exists on both sides of dead end.
  • Sewer BackupΑναγνωρισμένο
    140 Graham Avenue Staten Island - Mariners Harbor
    The sewer is constantly backed up on the corner of Graham Avenue and cross street Merrill avenue. In front of 126 Graham Avenue. It has a foul odor and also creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Every time it rains it is backed up for days. Thank you
  • Sewer BackupΑναγνωρισμένο
    154 Jewett Ave New York 10302, United States - Port Richmond
    Sewer back up/Flooding and damaging property every time it rains. I have a lot more pictures and videos from other incidents. One time FDNY came and unclogged the drainage and that’s how the water started leaving, and they came only because people were stuck in a car floating in that water and couldn’t get out. But to get them to come every time it floods is very hard.
  • FloodingΑναγνωρισμένο
    223 Dongan Hills Ave Staten Island, NY 10305, USA - Midland Beach
    this is our second attempt for your assistance. the area behind the fence needs to be cleaned and dreged so it can hold more water. we are always getting flooded because the water has no where to go. Dongan Hills Ave between Hylan and Vera St.
    my last report stated that the issue was be investigated ???? PLEASE HELP !
  • Storm Water DrainageΑναγνωρισμένο
    3650 Hylan Blvd New York 10306, United States - Great Kills
    Water has been non stopping flowing from healthcare associates at 3333 Hyland Blvd for weeks /months illegally. The water runs on Hylan from Thayer to Justin. When it rain it then causes flooding.
  • FloodingΑναγνωρισμένο
    2–98 Eugene St New York 10309, United States - Tottensville
    Water being pumped out or water main broke
  • FloodingΑναγνωρισμένο
    18 Rome Ave New York 10304, United States - City Council District 50
    For the last 10 years, every time it rains hard, water runs from the street to my sidewalk. The water accumulates so high that people cannot walk on sidewalk and need to walk in the street. Winter is even worse because water freeze. I have reported to 311 and DOT numerous times but nothing got done. Staten Island advance even wrote an article on June 1,2013.
  • FloodingΑναγνωρισμένο
    Forest Hill Rd & Walcott Ave Staten Island, NY, 10314, USA - Richmondtown
    every time that there is at least a moderate rain incident, this intersection and the accompanying sidewalk flood, as this intersection has crumbled