Water / Sewer PLUS

Open Issues: 2 Closed Issues: 156 Acknowledged Issues: 89
  • 800 Victory Blvd Staten Island, NY 10301, USA - Clifton
    Please have the city clean the storm drains in front of 800 Victory Blvd and the cemetery next to the building. It's like a river when it rains. The drain in front of the cemetery near the building is completely clogged. I have reported that one six times and nothing has happened. Can you get that one cleaned up for once? Thank you.
  • 10 Rose Ln New York 10312, United States - Huguenot
    Storm drain clogged with debris.
  • 3 Leason Pl Staten Island, NY 10314, USA - Richmondtown
    the storm drain on Pouch Terrace and the corner of WINDERMERE Rd chronically overflows down the incline on WINDERMERE Rd creating icy conditions. There are no sidewalks. Pedestrians must walk on the uneven icy road bed. People have fallen & been hurt yet many many many reports have failed to get action to solve the storm drain or to get sidewalks installed.
  • 2–28 Putnam Pl New York 10301, United States - New Brighton
    Flooding every time it rains
  • 152 Cromwell Ave New York 10304, United States - South Beach
    Storm water is coming up from the catch basin in reverse instead of going down pipes need to be cleaned due to Obstruction in pipe
    This is in front of house number 158 Cromwell Ave., Staten Island 10304
  • 511 Joline Ave Staten Island, NY 10307, USA - Tottensville

    Storm runoff was cloudy white. I don't expect it to be clean, but this wasn't normal.

    (Not sure if there's anything to me done about this, but figured it couldn't hurt to report)

  • 171 Perry Ave Staten Island, NY 10314, USA - Todt Hill
    the metal cap above the storm drain at the corner of Perry Avenue and South Gannon Avenue across from 171 Perry Avenue is on its side. Please send a crew to fix it.
  • Richmond Terrace & Snug Harbor Rd Staten Island, NY 10310, USA - New Brighton
    there is a drainage on this corner where the water has been coming up for over 2 weeks now
  • 539 Bement Ave New York 10310, United States - New Brighton
    Constituent described flooding within minutes of heavy rain. Street and accompanying lawns flood
  • Victory Blvd/Golf Course Ent Mid Island, NY 10301, USA - Clifton
    All sewer drains are clogged with debris causing the area to get flooded. From 800 Victory Blvd Staten Island to the cemetery right next to it. Both sides of the streets are clogged.
  • 90 Dongan Ave New York 10314, United States - Westerleigh-Castleton
    Clogged sewer
  • 49 Guyon Ave New York 10306, United States - Oakwood
    Sewer caved in Amboy Road between Clarke Ave. and Guyon Ave.