Sanitation / Litter PLUS

Open Issues: 8 Closed Issues: 930 Acknowledged Issues: 78
  • Illegal DumpingAcknowledged
    19 Granite Avenue NY - Mariners Harbor
    ACT and Priority Ambulette companies are dumping medical waste
  • Illegal DumpingAcknowledged
    38 Fillmore St - New Brighton
    Someone dumped an AC unit on the corner
  • LitterAcknowledged
    590 Victory Blvd Staten Island, NY 10301, USA - Clifton
    No enforcement of sidewalk and curb cleanup regulations. There is a lot of trash that has been here for a very long time.
  • LitterOpen
    179 Lucille Ave Staten Island, NY 10309, USA - Rossville
    garbage, illegal dumping, huge tree branches falling from tree
  • LitterOpen
    18 Stafford Ave New York 10312, United States - Ardon Heights
    Is it possible to post a sign about litter and a fine i keep cleaning up street and grass everything from beer bottles to bags car parts and random junk i had enough
  • LitterOpen
    1001 Richmond Hill Rd New York 10306, United States - City Council District 51
    Who is responsible for the garbage on either side of the road on snake hill just outside of Latourette golf course and on the way up/down the road? Filthy.
  • LitterOpen
    636–698 Drumgoole Rd W New York 10312, United States - Ardon Heights
    Garbage strewn all along drumgoole road west from annadale road to Arden avenue
  • LitterOpen
    4060 Amboy Rd New York 10308, United States - Ettingville
    They are putting paint cans a d all types of litter out that should be bagged and is not being picked up. The litter is piling up
  • LitterOpen
    354–400 Seaview Ave New York 10305, United States - Midland Beach
    Seaview Avenue between Hylan and Mason is the worst, but all the way to Capodanno is awful, too.
  • LitterOpen
    2–50 Eugene St New York 10309, United States - Tottensville
    4th request that if the street isn’t cleaned I am going to escalate this issuethis is ridiculous that I have to ask for a street to be cleaned
  • WeedsAcknowledged
    155 Seguine Ave Staten Island, NY 10309, USA - Prince's Bay
    City owned lot, map shows it as part of Wolfe's Pond Park. Lot is full of litter which is covered by weeds that are encroaching on the sidewalk
  • WeedsAcknowledged
    174 Perry Ave New York 10314, United States - Todt Hill
    Weeds along service road hitting cars as entering highway and riding in left lane. Entire length Bradley Avenue to Manor Road