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  • Se 58th St & 80th Ave Se Mercer Island, WA, 98040, USA - Mercer Island
    Vegetation around stop sign at SE 58th St & 80th Ave SE has grown so that 1) it is difficult to see the stop sign as you approach down the road and 2) it is nearly impossible to see cars or kids on bikes approaching from the right (south on 80th Ave SE), which often has accelerating cars leaving the Groveland Beach parking lot.
  • 7155 Se 24th St Mercer Island 98040, United States - Mercer Island
    Turning left (west) onto 24th from 72nd coming out of first hill/heading north is difficult. Trees, shrubs and signposts block view from 72nd to the west down 24th. Only way to get onto 24th heading to 90 is to inch nose of car close to traffic in order to see both ways. Traffic moves quickly on 24th.
  • 5206 W Mercer Pl Mercer Island, WA, 98040, USA - Mercer Island
    We have line-of-sight issues regarding oncoming cars due to vegetation overgrowth when entering W Mercer Way from our cul-de-sac on W Mercer PL. Photo is looking North onto W Mercer Way; you can see the vegetation that is causing the visibility issue. We are unable to safely enter W Mercer Way because we cannot see cars approaching from around the corner to the North. Currently, we open our car windows, listening for car noise before we proceed. I’m sure you would agree this is not safe for anyone. Please let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to your prompt attention to our request to trim back this vegetation overgrowth.
    Janet Fishbaugher O’Neil
  • 8429 Se 34th Pl Mercer Island, WA, 98040, USA - Mercer Island

    This morning we noticed the water in our toilets and faucets are murky.

    There is water pipe upgrade work happening on our street. Per the chief operator, he said the usage of the water hydrant may have disturbed the sediment causing murkiness in our water. He recommended we inform the city.

    None of our neighbors have this issue. We would like to get this issue inspected. Please help

  • 3861 80th Ave Se Mercer Island, Washington - Mercer Island
    For the past 6 weeks +/- my home has experienced water pressure changes throughout the house. I had a plumber come over to check my Pressure tank and he said the tank was good as well as the plumbing in my house. He looked at the corporation stop and said that it was damaged/broken and that this may be causing a restriction in flow which is creating the water pressure changes. The Corporation stop is on the street side of the meter so I am assuming this is something the City can check/fix? Please let me know when you can stop by and take a look. Thank you, Ben
  • 8337 E Mer E Mercer, Way, Mercer island, WA - Mercer Island
    The water pressure is very low inside the house.
  • 3642 90th Ave Se Mercer Island, Washington - Mercer Island
    The home is on the market for sale and recent inspection related to offer indicated the water was "rusty" when tested. The home is in an area affected by a water main breach on 40th back in the August 2018 time frame and the system was flushed extensively at that time. I'd like to have the water quality tested to determine if there is really an issue. I can be contacted at 253-737-0123. Rich Kristoferson