Dalton, GA Public Works PLUS

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  • Broken CurbAcknowledged
    506 Murray Hill Drive Dalton, GA - Dalton
    (Not sure if request goes under broken curb or a stormwater category) Debris pick-up for this resident & others has been changed numerous times, last time changed, we picked up & dug curb up off road, resulting in water, landscaping materials & other debris coming in her yard.
  • 1209 Peabody Dr Dalton, GA, 30720, USA - Dalton
    Lots of rubbish NORTH
  • 1425 Ross Dr Dalton, GA, 30720, USA - Dalton
    Old Couch
  • 306 April St Dalton, GA, 30720, USA - Dalton
    Rubbish in bags
  • 1000-1198 Alabama Dr Dalton, GA, 30721, USA - Dalton
    Please get rubbish all along road NORTH
  • 2012 Kingsridge Drive Dalton, GA - Whitfield County
    Water problem - stands at end of driveway when it rains a lot. Can something be done?
  • Shields Road GA - Dalton
    Resident came by office. He lives in County but we maintain road. Storm water is flooding his place. Slope where water drains never makes it to the Storm drain. Please call him and let him show you the problem.
  • 1709 Brandywine Way Dalton, GA - Dalton
    Resident called in a big sink hole in yard by driveway. Has pine straw to cover it up. The culvert actually goes under driveway. Please come look at it and call him back. Can we do anything about it?
  • 1200 Foster St Dalton, GA, 30721, USA - Dalton
    Please clean out ditch in front of house.
  • 414 Sassafras St Dalton, GA, 30721, USA - Dalton
    Resident requested PW to come look at hole that is forming on edge of yard. Please call her and she will have her husband show you where it is.
  • 1909 Keystone Way Dalton, GA, 30720, USA - Dalton
    Please call Resident and go look at a tree in his yard. I told him you would call him on Monday.
  • 1220 Broadrick Dr Dalton, GA, 30720, USA - Dalton
    Manager at "Royal Oaks" wants PW to look at sidewalks in front of place. Sidewalks have sunk down and man holes are sticking up out of sidewalk. Dangerous to walkers. Please call him.