Town of Enfield PLUS

Open Issues: 174 Closed Issues: 5 209 Acknowledged Issues: 61
  • 8 Elm Ave Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    There is a very old Rv that has been parked in the backyard of 8 Elm Ave. for years and it is quite obvious that someone lives in it. It is dilapidated and looks as if it is ready to fall apart. I am concerned that whoever lives in it will be injured, or worse.
  • 16 Windmill Rd Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    portable basketball hoop is kept in the street and snowplows must plow around it. It is on a corner and with cars parked on the other side it makes the road unnecessarily narrow. Hoop should be removed from the street at least for the winter.
  • 24 Nancy Dr Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    The port-a-potty usually placed next to the baseball field at Prudence Crandall is now located against my fence. Can this be moved back to the original location and away from my yard and fence?
  • 15 Foxcroft Rd Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    Large addition to property including woodstove no permits
  • Pearl Street Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    There is graffiti on the Pearl St bridge on the southbound side. Red and black paint.
  • Freshwater Pond CT, USA - polytest
    Railing near the fishing step down near the water, left side of the dock
  • 12 Pleasant St Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    fire safety violations
  • 2 Dover Road Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Illegal bedrooms in basement. One is actually in furnace room and the other is adjacent to furnaceroom in basement. No baseboard heat, open fireplace, fire and safety issue espacially considering it is a rental property. Owner is Ted Laraway, tenants are Brenda and John Moore.
  • Dangerous Acknowledged
    86 Pleasant St Enfield, CT - polytest
    The stairway leading into apartment has broken and weak stairs, handrail only on left side of staircase. All apartment doors are interior not exterior doors. None of the windows line up properly and one fell out. Bathroom toilet continually runs and makes noise after flushing. All walls are cracking and not lining up. Several holes in wall, plus holes around piping. Lumps in floor, uneven
  • 28 Longview Road Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    major home remodeling project underway. permit? not visible
  • 24 Hamilton Ct Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    putting in rear slider and deck no permit
  • 10 Scitico St Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    1. Illegal barn with illegal car lift.
    2. black mold in the bathrooms.
    3. Faulty electrical wireing.
    4. Mice infestation.
    5. Led paint that has not beeN taken care of according to the state law.