Town of Enfield MAIS

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  • 13 Marshall Dr Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    Truck with flat tires sitting in the driveway for years!!!
  • 8 Meadowlark Rd Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    This property has multiple vehicles all over the property. There are 2 unregistered vehicles in the backyard, a silver Chevy sedan and red minivan. These vehicles are an eye sore to surrounding neighbors wanting to enjoy their backyards. There is another 6 vehicles in the driveway at any given time, 2-3 of them are work vehicles. The property is also littered with trash in the front, back and side. The property is approximately 900 sq ft and has upwards of 10 residents.
  • Hartford Ave & Alden Ave Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    In the parking lot of St Adalbert's parking lot there is a broken, part of a moped. It has been there for about 2 weeks. Also, there are other mopeds being parked there
  • 47 Sheridan Rd Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    Ref. See Click Fix 7810288-As there is 1 inop./abandoned M.V. when does 14-174(b)(1) take effect (M.V. must be covered)? To be clear, 1 vehicle in driveway, 1 vehicle alongside garage as viewed from Marion PL.
  • 31 Roy St Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    There has been a very old dump truck parked on the side of the house for over a year now and has not moved. Can this please be moved to the driveway at a minimum? It’s an eyesore and appears to be rusting and rotting sitting there.
  • 12 Till St Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    Excessive dog barking
  • 227 Brainard Rd Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    People are using the old elementary school property on Brainard Rd as a dog park. Multiple dogs will be off leash at the same time running around. Sometimes the dogs run behind the properties of Till St, barking and snarling at the homeowners and/or attempt to fight with the homeowners dogs through the fence.
  • 11 Jefferson St Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    This neighbor has multiple cats. Their cats roaming the neighborhood. Cat are going into neighbors’ yard. Multiple cats kept in a cage in their back yard. Smell of cat waste is awful. Disgusting smell of ammonia inundates the other neighbors backyard - the smell is so bad that we can’t even sit in the backyard without being disgusted by the smell.
  • 56 North Maple St Enfield 06082 United States - polytest
    The people have an out of control German Shepard never on a lead alway running out of yard into other yard after people and other pets very mean try’s to bit other dogs in there own yard not there yard
  • 7 Sherwin Dr Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    2 roosters crowing constantly from early morning on.
  • 53 Highland Park Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    Wire fence is not secured on property to prevent unsupervised Labrador and German Shepherd from escaping and running at individuals walking by. Dogs need to be tied up or a new fence be put up for proper protection.
  • 87 Park Ave Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    Dog is locked on second floor porch in the back of the apartment and parks all day long.