Town of Enfield MAIS

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  • LitterReconhecido
    639 Enfield St Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    There is a pile of what appears to be some kind of carpet near that back of the building. It has been there through the winter. Is this business still operating at this location? Innovest Services.
  • 307 Pearl Street Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    The Housing Authority needs to deal with the mess in this area. The volume of litter along the roads and aprons is on the rise. The neighborhood looks terrible.
  • Enfield Street School Playground Enfield CT - polytest
    The plastic tic-tac-toe pieces on the large playscape are broken. Sharp edges, plus the game itself is unusable. I wouldn't think the new pieces are too expensive, should be an easy fix...?
  • 165 Weymouth Rd Enfield, Connecticut - polytest


    Over the past few years, a large number of pavement cracks have developed on the basketball/handball court at Parkman Elementary school. These cracks have grown in size (some in excess of 3 inches wide and 10 feet long) and are consistently filled with weeds and other debris.

    These cracks pose a significant safety risk to residents who use this court. On numerous occasions, I have witnessed individuals who have tripped/gotten their shoe stuck in one of these cracks. Most recently, on 4/16/19 there was a group playing basketball on this court - and an individual tripped on one of these cracks, which resulted in a dislocated knee.

    I urge you to consider fixing the damaged court to prevent any further injuries.

    Thank you for your time
    Bryan Flanaghan

  • South Road Enfield, CT - polytest
    What a mess! Whoever is responsible for maintaining this park should find another job! Embarrassing for the town of Enfield. Better training, more supervision needed perhaps? I picked up a bunch of plastic bag pieces that were run over by the mower. Are blowers available or brooms? Clumps of grass clippings all over the dugouts, bleachers, concession stand. There is also litter in the parking lot left over from the Journal Inquirer guys who seem to smoke a carton of cigarettes waiting for their bundle of papers. Can a street sweeper swing by please?
  • ParksAbrir
    Powder Hollow Baseball Field Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    My son plays AAA baseball for Enfield little league in his 4th year. This level we are beginning “kid pitch” and while at powder hollow ball field I’m made aware that there is no mound. Where there should be a mound is flat. For the mechanics and safety of the pitchers this should be corrected. This is an easy thing to fix but I’m told it has been requested before and ignored. This is not acceptable. Please correct this simple but important issue for the safety of our ball players.
  • ParksReconhecido
    20 Riverview St Enfield 06082, United States - polytest
    Tennis supply box needs a new cover at EHS
  • Wallop School Park Enfield, CT - polytest
    There is garbage dumped at the wallop street park.
  • Veterans Memorial Park enfield, ct - polytest
    The little league bleachers have been upside down near the tennis courts for weeks now. Will they be put back in place or repaired if needed? Also there is a mole issue with tunnels all around the tree line of the park.
  • South Road Tennis Court Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Can you please repair the support post for the tennis court net. There are also large holes that need to be filled in where the fenced in pitching area is. This park needs some TLC please.
  • ParksAbrir
    Asnuntuck College - polytest
    Numerous larger holes on soccer fields causing children to fall. Please fill accordingly
  • PotholeReconhecido
    Quaker Lane Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Large sinkhole northbound Quaker Lane between Iroquois Rd and Putnam DR also small sinkhole northbound Quaker Lane between Marshall Road and Colonial Dr