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  • 94 Parsons Rd Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Above and beyond extreme odor. Seems like its getting worse every year. Two tanks closest to office sit stagnant from Memorial Day until present. Smell is sickening for all who live in the area. Cannot be healthy for employees that work there.
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    17 Sidor Drive Enfield, CT - polytest
    No concern for neighbors: the owners leave trash and recycling bins in the road, Basketball hoop is jutting into the street, and the lawn (dirt) in which they park on is washing away into the street.
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    237 Abbe Road Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    237 Abbe road is a foreclosure. Work is being done on the house and I don’t see a building permit posted. A stairway was being added to the back of the house under the sliding door when I drove by today. The header joist has been exposed in that area for a long time and appeared to have a big hole and rot. I don’t know whether or not they replaced the destroyed framing. They need to pay the permit fees like I have to.
  • 2 Summer Street Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    I have a video of my neighbor and another unknown male going after each other with exhaust pipes and yelling at each other. Then one of them got in his car and sped off down the road only to turn around and speed back by my house.
  • 1 North Main Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    None posted for major pool reconstruction at bigelow commens indoor pool.Also noticed expired health dept license
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    1010 Enfield St Enfield 06082, United States - polytest
    This is from other category - who receives this request? Paul
  • 100 High St Enfield, CT 06082, USA - polytest
    Faucet on side of building has been leaking for quite some time. Now that cold weather is here it is leaving a huge patch of ice.
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    Old King St/Grandview Dt Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    During the winter a town of Enfield snow plow hit a light pole, under ground utility box, and curb. It is still not fixed, as it was reported a few months ago.
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    88 Enfield St Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Seems to be a RV trailer staying behind stateline repair, that houses some various people. These people seem to have a ton of traffic in and out. Today a guy stopped me and said he dropped his girl friend off five days ago, and now she's missing. He said she was staying at a trailer in this location. RV is tan with brown and orange strips.
  • 11 Thompson Court Enfield, Connecticut - polytest

    This home has been deteriorating sor some time. It now appears as if the roof has begun to collapsed into the second floor.

    Has it been condemmed, and has the chief building official issued any orders regarding demolition or correction? ALSO - what is the status of taxes on this property?

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    27 New King Street Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    For some reason especially at night there seems to be a very strong smell of gas coming from the sewer in front of the house. It smells like when you have a gas stove and the pilot goes out.
    I don't have gas, and would like someone to come out look. The roads were dug up recently and not sure if they repaired as they should have, but it keeps getting stronger
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    42 Gary Road Enfield, Connecticut - polytest