Town of Enfield PLUS

Open Issues: 129 Closed Issues: 8,543 Acknowledged Issues: 212
  • 99 Cottage Rd Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    Heavily damaged vehicle covered with blue tarp on front lawn near street
  • 496 Enfield St Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    Dumpster located in front and not screened
  • 29-37 Freshwater Blvd Sherwood Manor, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    Dumpster doors left open all the time
  • 14 Heron Rd Enfield, Connecticut, 06082 - polytest
    cox internet industrial truck c4500 parked in the rd 20 hr a day zoning violation
  • Community damage Acknowledged
    2-10 Cedar St Town of Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    A major vehicle crash has caused severe damage to the fencing around the Old Hazardville Cemetary at the intersection of Cedar St and Hazard Ave.
    What repair arrangements have been made?
  • 1 Westerly Dr Enfield, Connecticut, 06082 - polytest
    I live at 521 hazard ave. which is right next to 1 westerly dr. and there is always a dog barking there the dog is always barking inside and outside witch is dangerous because the dog runs up to the fences and there are kids both at my place and the place next to them. there is also always some one smoking and you can always smell it and I can't open the windows because of it and I bet the people on the other side of them def. can't open them.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    15 Dover Rd Enfield, CT 06082, USA - polytest
    Would it be possible to have the town come and cut the grass on the tree belt behind the Dollar General on Dover Road? Also could they trim the over growth around the tree on Colony Road on the side of this property? It's difficult to walk with small children with the overgrowth over the sidewalk.
  • PoolOpen
    35 Pease St Enfield, Connecticut, 06082 - polytest
    Pools are required to have a fence in area and or gated off section for safety. There isn't any safety measures set in place and knowing their are small children who swim and live there.
  • OtherOpen
    93 Spring St Enfield, CT 06082, USA - polytest
    someone (not the resident) left this on side of road
  • ABUSEOpen
    14 Westford Ave Thompsonville, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
  • 30 Spring Garden Rd Sherwood Manor, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    24 Spring Garden Road has an above ground pool in back yard that is green and seems to be attracting frogs which we have never had before. This property overall is violating Blight as well.
  • 35 Pease St Enfield, Connecticut, 06082 - polytest
    Back addition to house is falling apart,main supports are rotted away and door is sagging from this.