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  • Mullen Road Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    The construction on Mullen road is the biggest waste of tax money. In 2017 Spazzarini construction took roughly 10 months to to repave mullen road and widen it. That was supposed to be the entire thing. Now, for the past two months they ripped up the beginning of the road. They have been digging up and replacing old dirt with new dirt. They have done the same areas multiple times. This is an abuse of tax dollars, please get this thing under control.
  • 973 Maple Road Longmeadow, Massachusetts - polytest
    In the past year (2018-current) there has been a lot of digging and excavating on the Mayfield Apartment side. Heavy machinery is sending thumps and severe vibrations to our house, causing cracks in our basement wall. This has been an ongoing problem. Today 04/10/2019 heavy excavation since 8AM.
  • Bridge Lane Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Where is the traffic controller for the Bridge Lane Project? We have to guess which lane to use, when to drive around construction vehicles. We know this is a process but their should be professionals down here guiding us through. The few times we do see her she’s under a tree or in a vehicle. We know it’s hot, maybe you need more than one down here. And make sure the one you bring down here isn’t socializing and ignoring vehicles. It’s not our jobs to guess the safety and location to drive on this street, someone will get hurt. We understand the scope of this work and it’s a large job, but this is something that should be easily handled and would make this whole job go a whole lot smoother for the residents.
  • 42 Neelans Road Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Corner of Neelans and Sam where power pole is should be modified to decrease the the angle as many cars exiting lower Neelans can't see cars exiting Sam. This problem is especially acute in the winter when plowed snow build up @the corner further obstructs their vision. I have lived on this corner for over 40 years and am willing to contact ever source to relocate the pole. Please let me know what I can do to facilitate this safety concern. Thank you
  • 2 Parkway Drive Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Fire hydrant was replaced. The curb has not been replaced nor has the area immediately surrounding the hydrant been addressed.
  • 119 Spring Street Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    They are doing water main construction on Spring Street and this has damaged my landlords driveway and causing the enterance to sink, crack and crumble. I just purchased a new car and prior to the construction had no problems with the drive way. Since the construction the driveway began to dip and made my car bumper scrape more and more. Most recently they did work closer to the drive way and now it is completely cracked and disfigured but when I backed out of the driveway my bumper came completely unhinged, I have an Acura TL and I would like the bumper replaced because of this and you can speak to my landlord George Dyson about the repair to his driveway. Please contact me ASAP 860-899-8640
  • 1690 King St. Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    At 2:30 am a large truck with bright flashing lights made its way down route 5 very slowly. The noise from this vehicle woke my wife and I up from a sound sleep. The vehicle then parked almost right outside our house with a bright flashing yellow arrow indicating a lane closure. The noise from these vehicles is so loud that we can't sleep even with our windows closed. It's now 3:15am and it is still there. Please help us remedy this situation. I thought our town had noise ordinance.
  • 7 Haynes Street Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    A large deck was recently built in their backyard next to the pool. The old one was dismantled. It appears that there was not a building permit obtained.
  • 33/35 Parky Dr Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    vehicle has been parked in road for over 2 weeks has broken front suspension and drivers door is open.
  • 165 Weymouth Rd Enfield, Connecticut - polytest

    The floor at Parkman school is extremely slippery. We are having basketball practice and it is like a skating rink. We have games this upcoming weekend and would like this resolved prior.

    Thank you

  • North Maple St Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Enrico Fermi and Mark Twain tennis/pickleball courts are in deplorable conditions. The courts are so cracked that you can't play a game of pickleball or tennis without worrying about breaking an ankle or having to miss shots because the ball has hit a crack and bounced out of court. Why have these courts been allowed to deteriorate so badly? Why haven't they been maintained? We pay very high taxes in this town and why aren't some of these dollars going to repair and promote healthy community/family activities. Why must my family go to Somers or Suffield to play. Worse yet, we find ourselves crossing in to Mass to play on safely maintained courts. Please contact me at 860-508-6897 or Please don't let the excuse be that the town has no money in the budget. These courts haven't had maintenance in years and the council should be ashamed!
  • Haynes St Enfield Connecticut - polytest
    Cracked, uneven pavement. Pot holes, cracks all the way down the street till the beginning of Theodore. Pavement around manhole / sewer entrance raised, broken pavement. It is curious how Haynes and Theodore have been skipped from being paved. All adjacent roads to Raffia, starting at South street towards Post have been paved. Will have to look into moving to another town since clearly my tax money is being spent elsware in Enfield.