Coatesville PLUS

Open Issues: 221 Closed Issues: 259 Acknowledged Issues: 12
  • 27 South 4th Ave Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    The Pothole are getting deeper every day they need filling in as soon as you can.
  • 13th Ave Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    Several potholes at the top section of 13th Ave are making driving conditions dangerous. Located between West Chester Rd & Reed St on 13th Ave.
  • 120 Lumber St Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    This small section of road is possible the worst in the city. It is EXTREMELY hazardous in freezing situations. The road is heaving and has a series of potholes. If you are approaching 82 going down the hill, unless you have great suspension in your vehicle it will jar you violently. Anyone who has to drive over this daily is no doubt damaging their vehicle over time. I believe my wife may have damaged her front suspension because of this area, and now takes a detour just to avoid this area. Please address this issue!!!!
  • 1316 E Lincoln Hwy Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    Dangerous hole in the alley. Road caving in.
  • 764 W. Lincoln Highway Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    There is a pothole where the highway is divided and needs to be repaired immediately, may cause accident, I pray not.
  • 546 Harmony St Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    Two back alley streets behind 546 Harmony St.
  • Coatesville PA 19320, USA - Coatesville
    Pot Holes in the middle of the roadway
  • 7th And Lumber Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    Road near curb is extremely damaged and is a fall/tripping hazard. Needs repair.
  • 1108 Juniper St Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    This was an issue that was filled with stone & incorrectly labeled "resolved". If the same is done again, you can expect this issue pop up again & again & again & again.
  • 220 S 13th Ave Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    Numerous potholes up and down the hill. Road is narrow as is and is becomeing dangerous as people try to swerve to avoid the many large potholes
  • All Streets And Alleys.Ave And Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    every street, ave, alley needs fixed one way or the other, if you want people to come into c-ville fix the roads
  • 1108 Juniper St Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    This is a problem that was falsely marked as "resolved". In fact, the holes were cut into larger rectangles & filled with stones that have since washed away. It should be noted that if these series of holes are filled with stone again, perpetual reports can be expected.