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  • AQUATIC CENTERAcknowledged
    3840 Burns St Inkster, MI 48141, USA - Inkster
  • 264 Worcester Pl Detroit MI 48203, United States - US Congressional District MI14
    Saw two fat groundhogs wandering around the ROOF of this open abandoned house this morning This house and its insanely overgrown yard are creating a major pest issue for its neighbors. Rats, groundhogs and raccoons now live and breed wildly in this house and yard. Please do something It's out of control ...
  • 3835 Venoy Rd Wayne, MI 48184, USA - Wayne
    The city sidewalk is overgrown with trees and bushes from both sides of the walkway as well as debris and trash. The city has received multiple complaints from residents to have this taken care of. The address provided is across from this location.
  • 1640 E 8 Mile Rd Detroit, MI, 48203, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    this business does not keep up exterior or interior maintenance.
    the store sells outdated items
    the dominoes employees dumps trash in the field behind the business
    if they own the field it should be maintained.
  • 1377 Will Carleton Rd Carleton MI 48117, United States - US Congressional District MI15
    Mow on will carleton / brandesM both sides of Will Carleton and Brandes
  • 18561 Farmington Rd Livonia, Michigan, 48152 - Livonia
    18571 has yet to mow empty lot this year
  • 27700-27846 5 Mile Rd Livonia, MI, 48154, USA - Livonia
    This grass has not been cut once this year and is now over 16 inches. This is the corner of 5 mile and deering St. It looks awful. Livonia claims this is not owned by the city, but needs to do something about this. Sebastiano Casadei Sebastiano or Alex Ali need to be contacted by the city to get this rectified.
  • BARRICADEAcknowledged
    38529–38555 Cherry Hill Rd Westland MI 48186, United States - Westland
    There have been lane closure signs , barricades, and yellow barrels up for over a month with no activity of road work. In fact most of the barrels have either been hit by cars or moved to the side randomly. It has created a potential accident and is hazardous to drivers entering and leaving Cherry Hill Place Condos. It is also an eye sore.
    33800 Grand Traverse St Westland MI 48186, United States - Westland
    Basketball hoop needs replacement please. Thank you.
    30841 Wentworth St Livonia, Michigan, 48154 - Livonia
    basketball hoop in street
    5279 Somerset Ave Detroit MI 48224, United States - US Congressional District MI13
    Basketball hoop, causing traffic issues
    4267 Monterey St Detroit, MI 48204, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    basketball rim