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  • 18870 Grayfield St Detroit, MI, 48219, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    There is a vacant lot in front of my home which stretches a long way and I live on a dead end street and there are all kinds of wildlife which comes thru there such as dear, rabbits, raccoons, cats etc..and cars be driving up in there with prostitutes all times of night. We need this lot mowed continuously to prevent illegal activity and to maintain the beauty of the neighborhood. Will you please dispatch someone to come by and mow the entire lot in front of my property on a regular basis. With all the rain its starting to grow and we need to maintain this area. Please add this location to your list to be mowed ASAP and on a continuous basis.
  • 14672 Carlisle Dr Detroit, MI 48205, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    There is a vacant property on Edmore on the corner of Edmore and Mohican I believe the address is 14720 the house has a wood ramp in the front and is 1-2 blocks before you get to Gratiot when driving down Mohican from 8 mile toward Gratiot that property is in serious need of attention and is a eyesore.
  • 15830 Beaverland St Detroit, MI 48223, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    vacant lot owned by the city
  • BARRICADEAcknowledged
    13563 Westbrook St Detroit 48223, United States - US Congressional District MI14
    Traffic guard rail is leaning into the lane of traffic. This could easily hurt someone that didn’t notice it. Especially at night.
  • DEAD ANIMALAcknowledged
    14110 Sorrento St Detroit, MI, 48227, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    Dead dog removed 05/23/2019 D Jones
  • DEBRIS IN ROADWAYAcknowledged
    Mack Ave & Nottingham Rd Grosse Pointe, MI, 48230, USA - Grosse Pointe Park
    A landscaper has a yard on Mack at the corner of Nottingham. The business has encroached on the sidewalk and on the abandoned property next door. The firm (Leamon) has stored material on the berm and next to the abandoned house.
  • DRAINAGE/WATERAcknowledged
    14861 Troester St Detroit 48205 United States - US Congressional District MI13
    The drain hole outside my home is blocked & causing my basement to back up with water. Sewage has overrun my basement. I’ve tried to use a shovel to move the blocked drain hole but it’s not working because of the overflow of water. I would please like someone to come look at this problem immediately !
  • DRAINAGE/WATERAcknowledged
    14861 Troester St Detroit 48205 United States - US Congressional District MI13
    Yesterday on 4/30/2019 it rained really bad. The city drains failed to excrete the water from the outside of my home forcing it to stand. Due to the water not draining it went into my basement & damage several items. I called a plumber to be for certain that it wasn’t just my basement backing up because of sewage issues & it wasn’t. They came & ran 110FT of line to snake the main drain in the back of the house & the water remained standing which only means the city drain is flooded which has caused my basement to flood. I have taken several pictures & ready to take legal action If necessary to get my items replaced. Items damaged: washer + dryer, furnace, hot water tank & majority of the woodworks in the basement around the perimeter of the wall. This is not the first time I’ve reached out to the city about this issue & honestly (2) is to many times. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could reach out to me about this issue because this is ridiculous to be a home owner & have to experience losing valuable items due to the city negligence.
  • DRAINAGE/WATERAcknowledged
    680 Longfellow St Detroit, MI, 48202, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Both drains blocked. You cleaned out some in fall but said you were coming back with different equipment because cover is cemented into sidewalk and needs other tools. Found big chunk a of concrete in drain on one side but still need to come back and do full clearing. Street was marked with bright neon green paint for this but winter cane and washed away drain markings. Now cars are stuck in street.
  • DRAINAGE/WATERAcknowledged
    16800 Eastburn St Detroit, MI, 48205, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Standing water at the intersection of Cushing & Eastburn everytime it rains. This problem started last summer after Cushing was repaved.
  • DRAINAGE/WATERAcknowledged
    17671 Trinity St Detroit, MI 48219, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    Standing 💧 Water Please Drain
  • DRAINAGE/WATERAcknowledged
    51074 Mott Road Canton, Michigan - Canton
    The ditch on the North side of Mott Road between Ridge and the County border is backed up with blockages from garbage. The blockages are causing massive flooding and back up issues at College Park Estates Mobile home Community.