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    Miso Japanese Restaurant 15 Orange St, New Haven, CT, 06510, USA - Town_Green

    This is one of four site locations suggested for Open Walls NHV, an outdoor exhibition of murals throughout Downtown made possible by collaboration between private property owners and local artists and volunteers.

    Here's more about the project from their application to

    "Town Green District would like to sponsor Open Walls NHV, an outdoor exhibition of murals throughout Downtown made possible by collaboration between private property owners and local artists and volunteers. The mural project will transform four nondescript walls into colorful, original artworks, which will help redefine the area and stimulate civic pride. The selected walls are highly visible to both pedestrians and vehicular traffic, and once transformed by paint, the murals will encourage people to pause and appreciate the displayed local talent. With the combined seed funding from Town Green District and ECIC, a call for proposals from illustrators, painters, and designers can be launched, and community volunteers corralled to create public art that will enhance the cultural and visual vibrancy of the Downtown business district."

    "We have identified four exposed walls that are highly visible in Downtown. Once the murals are finished, public art will face those travelling by car and foot on George Street, Chapel Street, Court Street, and Audubon Street. The wall sizes range from 72 to approximately 2,955 sq.ft, and all will be cleaned and prepared with a first coat of sealant. Working from top to bottom, a hired team of OSHA-compliant professionals trained in painting from scissor lifts will outline and paint the artwork, and then community volunteers will help the selected local artists paint the remaining portion of their design closest to the ground. To our fortune, the walls rise above open lots and parking lots, where gathering and artist talks can be held in celebration of the murals. Town Green District will work with artists and painter teams to establish liability insurance for the project. "

  • 272–338 State St New Haven 06510, United States - 770 Chapel Big
    This could be an alleyway connecting State Street to Orange Street with small businesses lining either side. A first step would be removing or reconfiguring ending owned by the Ninth Square development.
  • 27 Temple Street New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green
    The Kelly House bus stop has an awesome overhang and name plate, but the area inside is pretty boring and unappealing concrete. Some cool lighting and/or a mural or paneling on the back could make this feel like a destination - and maybe make taking the bus more appealing for folks coming downtown.
  • 360 State St New Haven 06510, United States - 770 Chapel Big
    A location for public chess boards, ping pong and other recreational games that connect adults. An adult playground if you will.
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    275 Winchester Ave New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Prospect Hill

    This Could Be a Public Piano

    "The New Haven Symphony Orchestra will partner with Free Keys and the Arts Council of Greater New Haven to bring pianos to four public spaces in New Haven. These pianos will be painted by local artists and arts organizations and will be available to be played by the public. The NHSO will present FREE concerts and Instrument Discovery Zones at these sites. This project will be launched June 21, 2019 on International Make Music Day and will be part of the Free Keys Piano Trail. The working project title is Free Keys New Haven."

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    Farmington Canal Heritage Trl New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Newhallville

    This Could Be a community mural.

    From Http:// application

    "The Farmington Canal Arts & Culture Corridor will add two additional murals and the refurbishment of a public sculpture to the Farmington Canal Greenway in Newhallville between Division Street and Bassett Streets. With the completion of two new community murals, there will be five completed murals along the Greenway corridor, creating a multi-faceted cultural and aesthetic experience for users. "

  • 60 Whittier Rd New Haven, CT, 06515, USA - Westville
    I called an reported the trees in my front yard a few months ago. We had an Arborist come out and review them. They indicated they they are city of new Haven trees. Please have some one come and access the trees for trimming Thank you
  • 88 Atwater St New Haven 06513, United States - Chatham Square
    Carcass of dead animal in gutter
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    160-188 Munson St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Dixwell

    This Could Be a Periodic Table Mural

    "We are proposing to create a series of large scale murals to engage the public in an educational, informative, fun, and endearingly nerdy way. By incorporating the following seven elements from the periodic table: Scandium, Iodine, Nitrogen, Cerium, Phosphorus, Argon, and Potassium; along with the formula for Ammonia (NH3) we wish to create a series of murals that vertically spell out “Science Park”. The proposed title is the Periodic Table Mural Project."

  • 592 Whitney Ave New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Prospect Hill
    Waiting for public works and engineering to respond to ongoing problem this is a new photo
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    390 Exchange St New Haven, CT, 06513, USA - Fair Haven

    This Could Be a Linear Trail Park

    "We seek support to build the Mill River Trail Green Infrastructure Corridor (the Project) in Fair Haven. The Project will convert four blocks of degraded roadway and vacant land into a linear trail park through the creation of a parklet, a pervious trail system, signage, and green infrastructure practices in the public right of way. These improvements will connect Phase 1 of the Mill River Trail to the north with the newly upgraded Criscuolo Park to the south, providing connectivity between District Square, Fair Haven, and New Haven Harbor, while serving as a destination for all New Haven residents. "

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    1070 State St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - East Rock

    This Could Be The Bridging Lanterns Project

    "If you had a wish for your community, what would it be? At Atelier Cue, we wish for improved connectivity. We wish for finding light in forgotten places. We wish for public art that evolves from a shared local story and encourages community engagement. The Bridging Lanterns project is a multi-faceted effort involving community input, a celebratory event, and a lighting installation. The result would illuminate the dark underpass at Upper State street with dozens of suspended ‘lanterns’, each carrying the wish of a local resident. "