Sarasota County Traffic PLUS

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  • SignalĐược thừa nhận
    Fruitville Rd & Lakewood Ranch Blvd Sarasota, FL, 34240, USA - Sarasota County
    Massive traffic backups and MORE apartments going in there. How dumb.
  • SignalĐược thừa nhận
    Co Rd 777 Venice, FL 34293, USA - Sarasota County
    Issue with flashers and suggestion.
  • SignalĐược thừa nhận
    Center Rd & Jackson Rd Venice, FL, 34292, USA - Sarasota County
    The past few mornings around 715-730am the lights were out and flashing causing a lot of back up and confusion. Worried there will be an accident soon.
  • SignalĐược thừa nhận
    1717 N Lockwood Ridge Rd Sarasota FL 34234, United States - North Sarasota
    Why is this not a blinking yellow arrow on green yet?
  • SignalĐược thừa nhận
    3751 Collins St Sarasota, FL, 34232, USA - Sarasota Springs
    Legacy trail lights causing major traffic back ups due to lane closure on Bahia vista. Red light at legacy trail is constantly coming on so riders can pass Bahia vista. This is a huge safety issue, the light turns red immediately, and sometimes multiple times within seconds of each other.
  • SignalĐược thừa nhận
    1006-1122 Mcintosh Rd Sarasota, FL, 34232, USA - Sarasota Springs
    Southbound signal not working
  • SignalĐược thừa nhận
    N Washington Blvd Sarasota, FL, 34234, USA - Sarasota County
    Traffic signal spins to side street with no one there and max out. At us 301 and 47th st. IT is either a programming or detection issue. Its like this on all of us 301why can the county not do any traffic signal maintenance ?
  • SignalĐược thừa nhận
    900-992 N Cattlemen Rd Sarasota, FL, 34232, USA - Fruitville
    I would like to request that a traffic circle or traffic signal be put in at the intersection of Cattlemen and Richardson.
  • SignalĐược thừa nhận
    5634-5648 N Honore Ave Sarasota, FL, 34243, USA - Sarasota County
    The signal for eastbound on Desoto rd to Honore Ave is too quick to change from green to yellow. Only 4 cars are making it safely through before changing.
  • Terrible Stoplight TimingĐược thừa nhận
    2266–2398 University Pkwy Sarasota FL 34243, United States - North Sarasota
    I’ve already mentioned this 2-3 times before but I’m still having to stop at a red light westbound on University and Shade Avenue when there is no one coming the opposite direction. I reach this light at around 1:15 AM heading to work. The westbound light turns red for absolutely no reason, there will be zero cars coming eastbound but I’m still having to stop at a red light there. And it stays red for quite a whil! These lights should be on a trip sensor and not on a timer. There is no reason why I should have to stop at a red light at 1:15 AM when there are no cars coming the opposite direction.
  • SignalĐược thừa nhận
    5310 Desoto Rd Sarasota, FL 34235, USA - The Meadows
    Timing on the light is too short
  • SignalĐược thừa nhận
    5891 Fruitville Rd Sarasota, FL 34232, USA - Fruitville
    Left turn signal on southbound Cattlemen Rd at Fruitville Rd is not working properly.