Sarasota County Traffic PLUS

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  • Road MarkingAcknowledged
    5775-5799 Mcintosh Rd Sarasota, FL, 34233, USA - Bee Ridge
    Please extend the left turn lane on McIntosh Rd. traveling southbound at Clark Rd. in Sarasota.
    As I drive south on McIntosh Rd to make a left turn onto Clark Rd, the left turn lane only has room for 3 or 4 cars. However, because of the Florida Power & Light facility, the Cemex cement company, and other industrial commerce located north of the intersection, the left turn lane is often occupied by their trucks, leaving other vehicles to either wait on top of the yellow lines, or in the single southbound lane, blocking those who want to turn right. (Often, impatient right-turners try to go around me by driving in the dirt on the side of the road). Please consider adjusting the road markings to extend the left turn lane to be able to accommodate more trucks & vehicles. Also, please consider widening McIntosh Rd. into additional lanes to ease the congestion north of Clark Rd. Thank you.
  • Road MarkingAcknowledged
    1300-1300 Overbrook Rd Englewood, FL, 34223, USA - Sarasota County
    There are two turning lanes, The lanes only show a left arrow and a right arrow, it doesn’t distinguish which lane to take if you want to go straight onto Fredann St.
  • Road MarkingAcknowledged
    200-300 W Wentworth St Englewood, FL, 34223, USA - Englewood
    We need the crosswalk repainted by Englewood Elementary car rider gate on W Wentworth St. The crosswalk goes between two parts of the sidewalk and is used by students and the community to cross the incoming car rider driveway into school. The crosswalk can barely be seen and vehicles park on it, making it hard for walkers/bikers.
  • Road MarkingAcknowledged
    1213 Ingram Ave Sarasota FL 34232, United States - Sarasota Springs
    Low communications wire
  • Road MarkingAcknowledged
    2480 Laurel Rd E Venice FL 34275, United States - Sarasota County
    Signs blocking storm drain
  • Road MarkingAcknowledged
    4047 Higel Avenue Sarasota, FL, 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    Last week the construction cones were marking the deep holes in the bike lane. This week cones are missing and the ones that are there have been moved inward exposing deep holes in the bike lane which could result in injury to bikers. Additionally vehicles do not give clearance to bikers having to ride in the road in this section because they are unaware why the cyclist is in the road.
  • Road MarkingAcknowledged
    2821 Gulf Gate Dr Sarasota, FL, 34231, USA - Gulf Gate Estates
    The bike lane striping is worn and faded that for most of Gulf Gate Drive from start to finish needs restriping.
  • Road MarkingAcknowledged
    Us-41 N & E Seminole Dr Venice, FL, 34293, USA - South Venice
    There is a serious road marking issue on the NE corner of US 41 & Seminole. They paved there last week and neglected to replace all of the arrows on the road. I nearly had a wreck this morning because the vehicle in the left turn only lane had no idea it's left turn only, and went straight across. There are 2 lanes going W on Seminole across 41. The left lane is left turn only but now has no arrows indicating which direction that lane should go. The right lane is right turn or straight. This lane has a right arrow but no straight arrow. Thank you for click fix. It's much appreciated.
  • School FlasherAcknowledged
    4619 Higel Ave Sarasota FL 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    The flashing light on Higel for OutOfDoor Academy can not be seen due to palms hiding the flashing light The trees need to be trimmed back
  • SignAcknowledged
    Dale Ave & Hively St Sarasota, FL, 34231, USA - Gulf Gate Estates
    There is no sign problem, but we really do need a sign. They are at it again - Dodge dealer employees parking and commercial vehicles doing business with the Dodge dealer parking on the right of way of our neighborhood/residential street. They don't belong in our neighborhood and do not need to park on our street. The Dodge dealer has a huge piece of property. They cannot turn our residential street into an extension of their parking lot. It's bad enough that tow trucks and delivery trucks for the dealer race up and down our residential streets (Hively and Doud). There are several other entrances to the dealership from US 41 where it would be customary for commercial traffic to go in and out. Can there be a sign on the right of way on that corner of Nixon and Hively telling people it is not a parking lot?
  • SignAcknowledged
    51st St Sarasota, FL, 34234, USA - North Sarasota
    I’ve asked for a stop sign no less then 5x. Today someone was t-boned and is badly hurt. Multiple cars involved. 51st and Carmichael. Why is this not being addressed? It’s so bad an individual up a sign which was removed.
  • SignAcknowledged
    730 Treasure Rd Venice, FL, 34293, USA - South Venice
    Speed Limit Signs Needed along Alligator Drive. There is serious speeding problem from the intersection of South Venice Drive and Alligator Drive past and in front of the South Venice Civic Association Bldg. (located at intersection of Lemon Bay Drive & Alligator) - but there are little or no speed limit signs posted. There are no sidewalks in the South Venice neighborhood but many pedestrians, bicyclist, etc. traverse these streets.