Detroit Water & Sewerage Dept. PLUS

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  • 14347 Harbor Is Detroit, MI, 48215, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Broken tiger dam and health hazard sand bag debris needs to be removed!!!!!
  • 19434 Woodingham Dr Detroit, MI, 48221, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    We need the street to be leveled out and the drain unclogged so the water will flow to the drain and go down.
  • 8274 Pinehurst St Detroit, MI 48204, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    The water dept. Repaired a water main break im early spring but did not return to repair her lawn and curb.
  • 14509 Rochelle St Detroit, MI, 48205, USA - US Congressional District MI13
  • 3241 Lawrence St Detroit, MI 48206, USA - US Congressional District MI13

    House was purchased from the DLBA on the "Own It Now" program.

    Additionally the water had been cut to the property and the new owner repaired the cut water line without permission or permits.

    A furnace was installed without permits, in addition to a water heater.

    All electrical repairs were completed without permits or inspections. It was intimated by the new owner that if he completed repairs BEFORE the required BSEED inspections necessary after purchasing a house from the DLBA, that he could hide the original condition the house was in, and avoid any permits he didn't feel like paying for.

    The house is currently listed as a PRE though the owner does not live there, in addition to it being rented out without being listed with the city or BSEED as a rental property, thereby avoiding necessary inspections required of a in order to put protections in place for tenants from any malicious acts perpetrated by their slum lords.

  • 16535 Santa Rosa Dr Detroit MI 48221, United States - US Congressional District MI14
    Street was dug up to restore water to a house by water dept. Water dept sign was removed but the debris was left behind and street still has high asphalt. Will the debris be removed and street repaired?
  • 19001 Grand River Ave Detroit, MI, 48223, USA - US Congressional District MI14
  • 14709–14799 Dexter Ave Detroit MI 48238, United States - US Congressional District MI14
    Unknown power lines could be dangerous to children or pets.
  • 16100 Coram St Detroit, Michigan, 48205 - US Congressional District MI13
    The "owner" has had garbage piled in the driveway and on the front lawn. This is a rodent haven. He also has a trailer parked on a vacant lot two lots west of this house, another rodent haven. This has been going on for two years and the city has not said or done anything that I can see. This is my street and it is unsightly.
  • 20060 Strathmoor St Detroit MI 48235, United States - US Congressional District MI14
    This is a hole that has occurred since the street was paved approximately 2years ago. There is also another area in front of my driveway at 20061 Strathmoor.
  • 3301 W Grand St Detroit, MI, 48238, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    Fifth all around our City. Yes lots of debri on corner on Clements and Wildermere. These owners need to be fined. Outsiders buying properties and do not care how they leave our city streets. Also DTE should be ordered to put down Hay. DTE needs to have hay placed on yards on Grand Street 48238 between Dexter and Wildemere. Would these yards be left with all this fifth flying around in suburban communities. No need to wash your car in a few minutes it is completely dirty all over again.
  • 14189 Faust Ave Detroit MI 48223, United States - US Congressional District MI14
    On going repair since 2017. Behind my property there was a sleeve inserted to repair DWSD’s line. My yard has been holding water every time it rains. It started sloping before the fix was completed. The ground underneath my yard has eroded. My tree was standing tall but now has an obvious lean to it and the bricks around it are separating. Neighbors behind and next to me has DWSD barricades in their yards also to cover a hole that is almost knee deep dug by DWSD. DWSD needs to grade my yard to level it back to how it was before the this issue started in 2017.