Detroit Water & Sewerage Dept. PLUS

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  • 10637 E Vernor Hwy Detroit MI 48214, United States - US Congressional District MI13
    Ongoing issue. it's been years at this point.. sink hole over line
    It's gotten way larger..
  • 14528 Scripps St Detroit, MI 48215, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Water pipe replacement construction equipment ran over catch basin, causing collapse.
  • 19423 Binder St Detroit, MI 48234, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    It's been over 3 years still no one has come out to fix this issue. this is my 5 the request. problem is located at end of driveway
  • 14460 Penrod St Detroit MI 48223, United States - US Congressional District MI14
    This is lawsuit waiting to happen. Small children and pets play near this sink hole . It has been reported numerous times within the last year and a half with no success The powers that be won't be satisfied until someone is hurt. FIX THIS! It has been a dangerous obstacle for too long!.
  • 15390 Hubbell St Detroit MI 48227, United States - US Congressional District MI14
    This is a probably every since the City came and put a handicap cross walk in. The drain is not blocked with debris it is full of dirt so the water will not go down. And my basement is backing up from this. Can someone come and either blow the dirt out or suck it out so the water will drain.
  • 10701-10899 Worden St Detroit, MI, 48224, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    New barricade marker needed only.
  • Ashland St & Scripps St Detroit, MI, 48215, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    At the Stop sign
  • 1626 Cavalry St Detroit, Michigan, 48209 - US Congressional District MI13
    alley behind 1626 cavalry about 15 feet deep
  • 4120 2nd Ave Detroit, MI, 48201, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Please do something more to address the cave-in in the alley between 4120 and 4134 2nd ave. The current temporary fix with the large steel plates is highly annoying to neighborhood residents and it is unclear how much worse the sinkhole beneath may have gotten. We have been waiting a year and a half without any meaningful progress on this issue.
  • There is a cave in over the sewer, which has caused many problems with our cars when coming in and out the house. The cave in over the sewer is getting worse and worse over time and making it harder for us to get in and out the house. It's ruining our cars.
  • 2733 Gratiot Ave Detroit, Michigan, 48207 - US Congressional District MI13
    The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department had performed work at this location. Once the work was completed shortly their after the entire corner sunk causing damage to the entire curbside. It is a significant hazard to the public and it is a terrible trip hazard.
  • 18909 Schoolcraft Detroit, MI 48223, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    The water sits here and does not drain. The drain seems to be blocked from underneath. This standing water is posing a problem for drivers because it is deep