Detroit Water & Sewerage Dept. IYO

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  • 4489 Military St Detroit MI 48210, United States - US Congressional District MI13
    All year this owner lets this bushes /grass and weeds over grown so no one can see in his yard or use his his of the street please adress this issues, nothing but bugs fly's and more new home
  • 4501 Military St Detroit MI 48210, United States - US Congressional District MI13
    Please fix this block the sidewalks are horrible and now the neighbors don't cut / trim or anything to their weeds because they want privacy but makes it impossible to walk down the block not only that but random homeless people use this to hide at night near abandoned homes.
  • 559 E Philadelphia St Detroit, MI 48202, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    DTE came out repairing, dug up our front yard lawn and did a POOR job restoring our yard back in shape. They put down what look like clay dirt, DID NOT LEVEL the ground whatsoever nor put seeds down properly. It's an embarrassment to the block as well as to the community. We work very hard to maintain our property as proud citizens of Detroit and do appreciate if someone can come back out to our resident with skills who know how to correct the problem of restoring lawn. I'm sure DTE have professionals that can do the job, I have seen DTE work of restoring lawn on bigger business projects correctly.......I'm sure smaller residential ones can be DONE CORRECTLY as well, thank you.
  • 12th St Detroit MI 48206, United States - US Congressional District MI13
    Same explanation as other posts. This is not accessible by any wheeled chair or stroller and people are going into the busy street because they can't drive over the asphalt that is uneven, not level and poorly laid. It's been over a year. Taxpayer money was wasted on these curbs and DTE needs to replace with exact like conditions. This is not accessible, the city is in charge to deliver the fault or keep the fault.
  • 5892 Auburn St Detroit, MI 48228, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    the corner was rebuilt around 3 weeks ago and as can be clearly seen, there is about a 4 inch difference between the lawn and the sidewalk. This needs to be tapered off to make the lawn and sidewalk even. Giorgio has not been back and I would like to know what is going to be done about this situation.
  • 4531 Military St Detroit MI 48210, United States - US Congressional District MI13
    It's been 3 years since I first called the city / put in a complaint and even stopped the workers on the other side of block when can this be repaired. Handicap woman in her late 60's in wheelchair can't even leave her home with out breaking or bending her wheelchair please this needs to be addressed !!!/
  • 15766 Rosemont Ave Detroit, MI, 48223, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    After replacing the lead pipes in our home, why can’t the replacement of the curbs be quality work. Clearly the curbs are not straight & aligned. The only answers we receive as to why is that “quality with this company is a known issue”. If quality is a known issue why is this company still doing the work?
  • 14347 Harbor Is Detroit, MI, 48215, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Broken tiger dam and health hazard sand bag debris needs to be removed!!!!!
  • Florence Ave Detroit MI 48219, United States - US Congressional District MI14
    City repairs made and this GOD AWFUL MESS LEFT‼️
    This must be corrected IMMEDIATELY!!!!
  • 2685 Clements St Detroit, MI 48238, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    bricks fell on the top of my van and damaged the top of my from house next door that supposed to be own demolition list
  • 6100 Radnor St Detroit, MI, 48224, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    I have no idea what kind of soil and grass seeds the City used when it replaced the sidewalks, but it's like concrete. The heavy equipment the City used left gaping holes in the grass. When they covered the holes, they covered them with this concrete-like soil. Additionally, they damaged the street with their heavy equipment.
  • 14709–14799 Dexter Ave Detroit MI 48238, United States - US Congressional District MI14
    Unknown power lines could be dangerous to children or pets.