Detroit Water & Sewerage Dept. IYO

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  • Detroit MI, USA - Detroit
    Due to the flood on the 26 and also the flood on July 17th it flooded my basement 10 in in the floor my washer isn't working my hot water heater isn't working I've contacted FEMA I don't know if my furnace will work this this winter I'm on public assistance
  • Detroit MI, USA - Detroit
    Sewer drain back up and flooded basement with over 30 inches of sewage
  • 258 Riverside Dr Detroit, MI, 48215, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    There was three feet in my water from the rainstorm on 6/26. The water had sewage in it. The floors, walls, furniture, and appliances were damaged. I lost a washer, dryer, furnace, hot water tank, tools, clothing, lawn care items, bedding, and other miscellaneous items.
  • 4512 Cicotte St Detroit, MI, 48210, USA - US Congressional District MI13
  • Detroit MI, USA - Detroit
    Water damage from the flood ,,water and trash clean out needed assistance ASAP furniture and furnace need to be replaced
  • 339 Lakewood St Detroit, MI, 48215, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    On June 24, 2021 the forecast predicted flood warnings most of the day. Water entered our basement in the early morning of June 25th a little more than four feet of water.. Due to the amount of water we lost our furnace, water heater, freezer, dryer, and countless other items to replace/repair. If the flood gates were open this would never have happened.
  • 3209 S Bassett St Detroit, MI, 48217, USA - US Congressional District MI13
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  • 4450 30th St Detroit 48210 - US Congressional District MI13
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  • 12202 Glenfield St Detroit, MI, 48213, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Flooding in basement due to city storm drainage system backup. Furnace, water heater, washer, cabinets, dryer, air conditioner not repairable. Half-wall paneling in part of basement wet, mold and needs to be replaced Lost Christmas tree and decorations, paint supplies and other items
  • Van Steuban Detroit, MI, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Water in basement
  • Detroit MI, USA - Detroit
    My flooded basement due to rain on 6/25/2021, with damaged items, clothing etc.
  • Detroit MI, USA - Detroit
    Flooding Saturday June 26 2021. Knee high everything got effected from the dryer to washer refrigerator heating and cooling aside from furniture food everything else