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  • ADA AccessAcknowledged
    2 W Main St Auburn 98001, United States - Auburn
    Testing again
  • Dead AnimalAcknowledged
    1305 C St Sw Auburn 98001, United States - Auburn
  • 1866-1898 29th St Se Auburn, WA, 98002, USA - Auburn
    There’s a bed for a homeless person under the tree along side the sidewalk. Also in the trees that make the circle at the park have a lot of people that sleep under them
    the trees need to be trimmed up so they don’t leave garbage and sleep in the trees many people use the park and it’s scary to walk by these trees and a play area would be nice if this area could be used as of now the homeless sit at that table that’s there and the garbage that’s stuff down the table is disgusting!!
  • 2033 Fourth St Se Auburn WA 98002, United States - Auburn
    New camp being built down the river trail. This needs to be addressed. The homeless population is getting worse down this trail. There is a huge drug use problem in this park that no one is acting on. visible drug deals and usage in broad day light every day.
  • 1715 35th St Se Auburn, WA, 98002, USA - Auburn

    On October 19, 2020 when I come back from my job at 0720am, I noticed that some body has dumped an old bath room sink on my property. I wanted to report about this illegal dumping and I need advice from your code compliance officers what to do about it and how to deter such incident not to happen again.

    Getenet Tegegne
    Phone: (206) 434 9539

  • 1307 W Valley Hwy N Auburn WA 98001, United States - Auburn
    I reported this a Week ago get it cleaned up I guess your litter patrol just passed this up
  • 347 37th Pl Se Auburn, WA, 98002, USA - Auburn
    Green van, red Lincoln Navigator and red F-150 have been using drugs and dumping trash outside on street basically living inside vehicles have made complaint to city but still nothing happened very patient with issue thank you for help
  • 1268 E Main St Auburn WA 98002, United States - Auburn
    These vagrants have been camping here for several days Blocking the sidewalk (failure to maintain access)is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act ADS, Title 2,subpart B
  • 1 E Main St Auburn 98002, United States - Auburn
  • 1302 Pike St Ne Auburn, WA, 98002, USA - Auburn
    Someone dumped a ladder on the river bank across from my house. It can be accessed from the 104th ave. SE park. Needs to be removed. There is also a child's bicycle a few yards up river from the ladder that has been there for more than a moth also needs to be removed.
  • 702 37th St Ne Auburn WA 98002, United States - Auburn
    Car and carts Appear abandoned. Trash everywhere underneath If someone is living here it's not safe for those walking past
  • 3210 Scenic Dr Se Auburn WA 98092, United States - Auburn
    The drug house on the corner of Gingko& Scenic Dr SE leaving 5 bags of garbage on the NW corner of my property by the tree and big gate. Suspicious white car WA plate BHU6120 parks there different times of day and night going in and out of the house 2 to 4 men. Please get the garbage removed asap .,