City of Oakland Private Property - Code Enforcement PLUS

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  • 350 Grand Ave Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Adams Point
    loud venting of gas. this needs to stop. it's harmful to our mental health at the very least.
  • 4100 Broadway Oakland CA 94611, United States - Piedmont Avenue
    7/11 recently installed a camera, flood light/flashing blue light, and loud speaker as theft deterrent, but it is extremely loud and bright, which disturbs everyone who lives on the block. I can hear the announcement and see the light from within my apartment across the street at all hours, and I'm not sure how they are allowed to install something that is so disruptive for nearby residents. Is there anything that can be done to mitigate the impact?
  • 888 92nd Ave Oakland, California, 94603 - Elmhurst Park
    This recycling place has trash piled up very high. Looks like endangerment to our community. Trash also flying outside
  • 2850 Broadway Oakland, CA, 94611, USA - Oakland Ave-Harrison St
    Nissan Murano parked in business driveway.
  • 347 14th St Oakland, CA, 94612, USA - Civic Center
    Kon Tiki Bar is in violation of Chapter 17 Oakland storefront transparency laws. Their storefront is 100% non-transparent (blacked out windows).
  • 1230 E 34th St Oakland, California, 94610 - Lynn-Highland Park
    abandoned vehicles
  • 4124 Lyman Rd Oakland, California, 94602 - Oakmore
    Unpermitted ADU airbnb.
  • 6923 Halliday Ave Oakland CA 94605, United States - Bancroft Business-Havenscourt
    Yummy yummy hibachi llc food truck registered to this address and parks on Krause and 73rd causing traffic safety issues. People double park on Krause blocking traffic and blocking access to neighboring driveways.
  • 7315 Krause Ave Oakland CA 94605, United States - Arroyo Viejo

    Hibachi food truck on 73rd and Krause causes cars to block street access

    Generator is loud

    Smell of food is spread onto our street

  • 9824 Kitty Ln Oakland, California, 94603 - Oakland Airport

    Dear City Officials,

    I am writing to bring to your attention a recurring issue that has been causing a disturbance to our business operations and posing a safety risk to our community. The problem concerns a repeat offender named John, who has been repeatedly parking his vehicle on private business property with his unleashed dog. Despite repeated complaints, no legal action has been taken against him.

    This issue has been affecting our business delivery schedule, which we pay for as tax-paying citizens of Oakland. Moreover, the presence of RVs on the site has only added to the problem, creating an unsafe working environment for our employees.

    I would also like to point out that we have businesses down the street that have legal teams on retainer to handle this issue. While we do not want to take legal action, we may be forced to do so if the situation is not resolved promptly.

    We understand that the matter may require some time and effort to resolve, but we urge you to take necessary steps to address this issue as soon as possible. We believe that it's essential to ensure the safety of our community, especially with the added risk of an unleashed dog on the property.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to a prompt resolution.

  • 6200 Shattuck Ave Oakland CA 94609, United States - Bushrod
    Auto shop at 6200 Shattuck Ave being illegally operated today (10/11/21) by evicted tenant per settlement agreement signed on May 10, 2021 with City Attorney Patrick Bears and City Administrator Greg Minor.
  • 7940 Bancroft Ave Oakland, California, 94605 - Eastmont
    There are two cars parked out front of my building, has been parked there for well over six months. There are expired tags it's a red Cadillac license plate #4UJX475 there's a brown and tan ElCamino recked and covered up I believe someone has started sleeping in it since the last time I reported this. I have to keep the trash from around the cars and it brings my property down. Please help, Oakland has really gone down it was such a beautiful place to live now no one cares please help bring beautiful Oakland back.