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  • 2229 Arrowhead Dr Oakland, California, 94611 - Shepherd Canyon
    Homeowner/Contractor put an asphalt berm across top of driveway to minimize water flow across his driveway. As a result the water pools in the street- 7-8 feet square, 1-2 inches deep. The road is already in disrepair. The berm creates drainage issues and disrupts traffic was drivers attempt to avoid it on a narrow road. Thanks.
  • 2030 42nd Ave Oakland CA 94601, United States - Jefferson
    This house has been empty for over 2 years, it has people in & out with drug activities, pest, has no active utilities so they are using hazardous gasoline generator, lease remove this, a couple of months ago they had an RV with a gasoline generator & it explode, please im afraid the whole neighbors are in danger.
  • 1302 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Downtown
    glass enclosure on roof is being shattered by wind and fragments are falling to ground
  • 3444 Hannah St Oakland CA 94608, United States - Clawson

    (8) Floors, stairways, and railings maintained in good repair.” - CIV § 1941.1

    Inhabitable for many reasons and landlord refuses to return deposit.

  • 3444 Hannah St Oakland CA 94608, United States - Clawson
    No heat, no smoke detectors, and the landlord is stealing electricity from next door. Constantly dirty and moldy, problems with spiders and roaches, and also isn't properly zoned for as many units they have inside the home. All of the electrical is faulty, when someone plugs in anything it makes the light shut off and the breaker need to be flipped.
  • 3422 E 17th St Oakland, CA, 94601, USA - Saint Elizabeth
    Home owner keeps building illegal rooms to rent
  • 898 W Grand Ave Oakland CA 94607, United States - McClymonds
    What is going on with the former Allstar Burgers & Donuts It's a magnet for dumping and blight Would love to see this be a functional restaurant again instead of a trash pile Please clean this ASAP! ?
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    1630 35th Ave Oakland, CA, 94601, USA - Saint Elizabeth
    Landlord is continuing illegal builds and leaving tons of debris on the property
  • 615 High St Oakland CA 94601, United States - South Kennedy Tract
    This homeless encampment provided by the city I have no idea. But there’s always something going on here. With cars blocking high street with stolen vehicles, all around the area, being stripped and set on fire. Running extension cords to outside encampments. Used needles all over the place on street and sidewalk. Do better Oakland, do better.
  • 898 59th St Oakland, CA, 94608, USA - Santa Fe

    Construction of two large sheds or living units without any notice of permit authorization or scope of work. The structures appear larger than allowable size and height. Questionable construction involving framing, roof, sheathing, and foundation.

    Additionally, the main property's interior, windows, and doors were all remolded without permits. Google streetview clearly shows major changes and construction debris from projects.

    Assumed this house flipper was working above the board and had no reason to check permit history until shed structures were being built.

  • 5609 Shafter Ave Oakland CA 94618, United States - Shafter
    Encampment - beginning to take over sidewalk
  • 323 Marlow Dr Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Sheffield Village
    Hello neighbor. My neighbor has the same problem. There seems to be a hole on the sidewalk we’re having plumbing problems where in Scheffield Village on a dupe and always having water and plumbing problems. I would like to remove the tree and not install another tree please. Thank you Elvia Bacuyani(510)409-4693