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  • 2229 Arrowhead Dr Oakland, California, 94611 - Shepherd Canyon
    Homeowner/Contractor put an asphalt berm across top of driveway to minimize water flow across his driveway. As a result the water pools in the street- 7-8 feet square, 1-2 inches deep. The road is already in disrepair. The berm creates drainage issues and disrupts traffic was drivers attempt to avoid it on a narrow road. Thanks.
  • 230 Bay Pl Oakland, CA, 94612, USA - Oakland Ave-Harrison St
    The Whole foods on Bay Place recently installed a new security system that loudly announces to people in the parking lot that they are on private property and sometimes even describes characteristics of the people who are there. It can be heard loudly and clearly by me from inside my apartment with all doors and windows closed. It is absolutely terrifying and disruptive to my life. Last night it woke me up from a dead sleep in the middle of the night, and went off again a few hours later, waking me up, sometime around 6am. This happens multiple times a day and makes living in my home feel like I'm in a police state. There are many apartment buildings and residences nearby that are being disturbed by this security system. There needs to be another solution. I will continue to report this if there is no change.
  • 160 14th St Oakland, California, 94612 - Lakeside
    This is a serious noise complaint. This Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant, located at 160 14th St, #B, Oakland, CA 94612 - has posted hours of 11am to 9:30/10pm, closed Wednesday. There has been an afterhours bar/nightclub, with extremely loud music, that goes until as late as 3am to 6am on Mon thru Sun, except on Wed. when they are closed. This is a residential apartment building, with many seniors and families with children!! Not sure if they are permitted to be open and serving alcohol, after 10pm!! The extremely loud music is so loud that it vibrates the floor and walls in the units above. Noise nuisance!! Please have city of Oakland investigate this!!
  • 4039 Fullington St Oakland, California, 94619 - Allendale
    This property is in violation of every safety and health standard both for it's occupants and the neighbors around it. So much garbage piled up it would make egress/emergency response impossible in the case of fire or other emergency and likely lead to spread to neighboring structures. Please do something, it has been years and it has only gotten worse.
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    1630 35th Ave Oakland, CA, 94601, USA - Saint Elizabeth
    Landlord is continuing illegal builds and leaving tons of debris on the property
  • 4600 Mattis Ct Oakland CA 94619, United States - Redwood Heights
    We rented this house with the lease starting in March. We moved in and completed the move in inventory and conditions checklist provided which was done using the Z Tenant App. While completing the check list, we identified significant water damage and mold possibility broken exterior window locks, windows that would not open, lack of heat, failure of the majority of electrical outlets to work, exterior doors that don't fully close, evidence of rodent entry, lack of appliance bracing, overloaded surge protectors, visible trash in the heating vents such as batteries, drug paraphernalia, and food remnants; and other issues. We immediately notified the property owner Justin Gray, and the property manager. The property manager attempted to address these issues but the owner fired him for a different company, Mynd Mgmt. The owner would not respond to our email and texts about repairs that were noted in the initial move in checklist. We were referred to Mynd. Mynd has given us a run around, failing to respond to the major issues related to the electrical issues, damp and mold, and lack of heat. As I write this, it is 46 degrees INSIDE the house.
    Please assist.
  • 3444 Hannah St Oakland CA 94608, United States - Clawson
    No heat, no smoke detectors, and the landlord is stealing electricity from next door. Constantly dirty and moldy, problems with spiders and roaches, and also isn't properly zoned for as many units they have inside the home. All of the electrical is faulty, when someone plugs in anything it makes the light shut off and the breaker need to be flipped.
  • 3444 Hannah St Oakland CA 94608, United States - Clawson

    (8) Floors, stairways, and railings maintained in good repair.” - CIV § 1941.1

    Inhabitable for many reasons and landlord refuses to return deposit.

  • 5522 Fleming Ave Oakland, California, 94605 - Frick
    The house operates as a chop house. They have multiple cars being worked on that blocks the roundabout/street and can cause a collision for incoming and outgoing cars.
  • 2926 56th Ave Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Frick
    Car has been sitting in front of house for a week now. Parked in middle so takes up two spots.
  • 3248 Hannah St Oakland CA 94608, United States - Clawson
    The back half of the house collapsed and damaged the fence between properties
  • 3422 E 17th St Oakland, CA, 94601, USA - Saint Elizabeth
    Home owner keeps building illegal rooms to rent