City of Oakland Private Property - Code Enforcement PLUS

Open Issues: 17 Closed Issues: 88 Acknowledged Issues: 8,189
  • 854 Walker Ave Oakland, CA, 94610, USA - Lakeshore
    Illegal cutting down of protected trees without providing required postings to neighbors or public and failing to obtain a removal permit. Removed rear property coastal redwood trees greater than 9 inch trunks and an old California juniper ( estimated to be greater than 100 years old and which shaded public stairwells on Davidson Way.
  • 2349 Humboldt Ave Oakland, CA, 94601, USA - Peralta-Hacienda
    This house was nearly burned down from an illegal Marijuana grow operation. Squatters quickly moved in before it was red tagged. Since red tag removal, the SWAT team has been out and most recently there was a homicide in broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon in their driveway. There are constant 24/7sales in the front yard. The whole block of neighbors feel unsafe.
  • 6369 Telegraph Ave Oakland, California, 94609 - Bushrod
    Bar at 6369 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609 is playing loud music out side. Called to ask them to turn it down, but they're not willing.
  • 854 Walker Ave Oakland CA 94610, United States - Lakeshore

    Wet Weather Grading Moratorium
    Wet Weather Moratorium for Grading work to be in effect from October 15 to April 15
    This property along Davidson Way is adjacent to our public stairwell that I and many others use regularly to exercise and take walks on. I live in property above this house on the hill and have watched soil being moved in large quantities and hillside regrading happening. This week I noticed the retaining wall had been taken out and large soil retaining rolls have been placed to help stop the ongoing loose soil that is now washing out. Construction workers tore out the retaining wall that had been along the Sidewalk and the property grading dropped at least 4 feet to make the sidewalk now on the grading level. See the pictures attached. This is violating the prohibitions on grading without a permit and the moratorium on wet weather grading meant to stop dangerous changes to properly soil grades. I was also told by my renters insurance that this hill between Vermont and Grand is in an earthquake landslide danger zone and next to an earthquake liquidation danger zone. No permits have been posted and no permits were seen on the building permits website. This reckless disregard of city ordinances and State Law endangers all of us in buildings above the site and is a community danger in our very raining season.

    Oakland Municipal Code CBC Chapter 18B prohibits the disturbance of soil during the rainy season. Permittees shall not undertake any grading work without the approval of the building officials.

  • 3301 Columbian Dr Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Eastmont Hills
    This house continues to look abandoned and we are concerned it is a potential magnet for homeless to live in or, a fire.
  • 190 14th St Oakland, CA, 94612, USA - Lakeside
    There is a group living out of cars on private property. They are playing very loud music all day. It is a noise nuisance and it is too hot to close our apartment windows.
  • 3859 West St Emeryville, California, 94608 - Longfellow
    Large TV screen has been disposed for months right next to sidewalk
  • 130 4th St Oakland CA 94607, United States - Produce And Waterfront
    A few people have taken up residence inside this blighted garage The structure is falling in on itself and I would hate to see anyone hurt by the negligence of this abandoned Lakeside Recyclingfacility
  • 3740 San Leandro St Oakland CA 94601, United States - Fruitvale Station
    Graffiti blight on cal pacific building
  • 764 40th St Oakland, CA, 94609, USA - Longfellow
    Drug addicts/dealers are breaking windows squatting and messing with the electric to put up surveillance to watch the streets so they don't get drug ring busted two houses down from a elementary school.
  • 5708 Los Angeles St Emeryville, California, 94608 - Gaskill
    Abandoned house that is completely falling down and has now become a trash dump site!
  • 2133 39th Ave Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Jefferson
    My Neighbor Jade Burnett has years of destroying our community also contributing to health hazard with all the garbage she has all over the home. She is a section 8 tenant. Housing authority also the city of Oakland has failed our community.We have so many rats, raccoons along with a really bad smell. I will be contacting the local news about this issue.