City of Oakland Private Property - Code Enforcement PLUS

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  • 1113 29th Ave Oakland, California, 94601 - North Kennedy Tract
    Entire building interior was burned to the ground, only perimeter walls remain. Toxic debris from fire remains on site, needs to be properly cleaned up so that it does not blow into the surrounding community.
  • 615 High St Oakland CA 94601, United States - South Kennedy Tract
    This homeless encampment provided by the city I have no idea. But there’s always something going on here. With cars blocking high street with stolen vehicles, all around the area, being stripped and set on fire. Running extension cords to outside encampments. Used needles all over the place on street and sidewalk. Do better Oakland, do better.
  • 570 Grand Ave Oakland CA 94610, United States - Adams Point
    This report is for general neglect of renting residents. In September 2022 this building was purchased by DeMaio properties and they have failed to respond to multiple residents' requests for repairs, including elevator maintenance, window/ceiling leakage, plumbing needs, and major appliances included by the building failing to function. Upon research we have learned that DeMaio Properties (Peggy and Anthony DeMaio) have been accused of neglect on multiple occasions at multiple addresses across the Bay Area. Please investigate as many residents' rights are currently being violated.
  • 230 Bay Pl Oakland CA 94612, United States - Oakland Ave-Harrison St

    Whole Foods at Bay and Harrison recently added this monitored tower on their upper lot. Late at night they blare out messages on it at unacceptable levels. On Tue night at 10:15 it woke up my baby with a message that it was 10:15 and the parking lot was closed. On Wed night it woke up our entire house with a loud message blaring that it is 12:15 am and someone was on private property a so loud it scared me awake. Then a 2nd message telling someone it was 12:19 am and the person wearing a black hoodie had to leave -and police were being dispatched.

    This has to stop. Either they hire real security or fence off their parking lot.

  • 441 Grand Ave Oakland, California, 94610 - Adams Point
    Ahn's Hamburgers has a side lot on Bellevue, it's their property, and they do not have it fenced. Various people hang out there and dump trash and garbage, and leave furniture there, it's always a mess, and Ahns doesn't keep it clean.
  • 411 E 18th St Oakland, CA 94606, USA - Clinton
    graffiti on side wall.
  • 5701 International Blvd Oakland CA 94621, United States - Lockwood Tevis
    Flexible conduit is being run from the NE Face of 1341 58th Ave to a neighboring building. The conduit was lazily draped over a parking area and is hanging significantly low. It is a fire hazard and illegal electrical work.
  • 4600 Mattis Ct Oakland CA 94619, United States - Redwood Heights
    We rented this house with the lease starting in March. We moved in and completed the move in inventory and conditions checklist provided which was done using the Z Tenant App. While completing the check list, we identified significant water damage and mold possibility broken exterior window locks, windows that would not open, lack of heat, failure of the majority of electrical outlets to work, exterior doors that don't fully close, evidence of rodent entry, lack of appliance bracing, overloaded surge protectors, visible trash in the heating vents such as batteries, drug paraphernalia, and food remnants; and other issues. We immediately notified the property owner Justin Gray, and the property manager. The property manager attempted to address these issues but the owner fired him for a different company, Mynd Mgmt. The owner would not respond to our email and texts about repairs that were noted in the initial move in checklist. We were referred to Mynd. Mynd has given us a run around, failing to respond to the major issues related to the electrical issues, damp and mold, and lack of heat. As I write this, it is 46 degrees INSIDE the house.
    Please assist.
  • Random elderly people living in the house and they frequently roam the streets. Not sure if the house is a licensed elderly home. Other adults living in the home seem to not be taking care of the elderly people living there. This poses as a safety risk for these elderly people. They could get hurt or worse.
  • 4039 Fullington St Oakland, California, 94619 - Allendale
    This property is in violation of every safety and health standard both for it's occupants and the neighbors around it. So much garbage piled up it would make egress/emergency response impossible in the case of fire or other emergency and likely lead to spread to neighboring structures. Please do something, it has been years and it has only gotten worse.
  • 625 23rd St Oakland CA 94612, United States - Northgate
    Sewer pipes leaking - toilet water and such. It has been reported to property manager over 30 days
  • 3248 Hannah St Oakland CA 94608, United States - Clawson
    The back half of the house collapsed and damaged the fence between properties