Borough of Zelienople PLUS

Open Issues: 1 Closed Issues: 133 Acknowledged Issues: 3
  • 314 E Beaver St Zelienople, PA, 16063, USA - Zelienople
    Garage roof, garage door and backyard
  • 136 Chestnut St Zelienople PA 16063, United States - Zelienople
    Lighting violates Zelienople Ordinance 240-59.
    High light pollution and floods all neighboring properties. Lighting is an industrial flood light and has little to no light control, flooding adjacent homes on the second story and above for more than 180 degree radius 100+ feet away.
  • 404 S High St Zelienople, PA, 16063, USA - Zelienople
    Resident came in informing that there is a wall falling down on the sidewalk on S. High St. Brick issues as well. The resident did not know the address but says it stands out well. The house is on the East side of S. High St. and it is the 2nd house on the left hand side going towards Terrace Ave.
  • Storm Water IssuesAcknowledged
    54 Halstead Blvd Zelienople, PA, 16063, USA - Zelienople
    Looks like runoff is missing the grate and causing pretty significant erosion. Just don’t want a sink hole or something to develop.