Borough of Zelienople IYO

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  • E Culvert St Zelienople, Pennsylvania, 16063 - Zelienople
    A lady called stating there are street lights out on Culvert St. causing it to be hazardous.
  • 177 Oakdale Dr Zelienople, PA 16063, USA - Zelienople
    for the past week there has been an extremely strong chlorine smell to the water.
  • 901 Timberbrook Ct Zelienople, PA, 16063, USA - Zelienople
    Water has been leaking from the ground for at least 2 weeks now, Last Monday 11/21 I told the guys in the leaf gathering crew about the leak, Its still leaking about 4-5 gallons per minute or more. and Not stopping only getting worse. A lady who rents one of the townhomes said she reported it 2 times also. Please call me that some one see the request