City of Canton PLUS

Canton, GA

Open Issues: 65 Closed Issues: 1,608 Acknowledged Issues: 359
  • Abandoned VehicleAcknowledged
    891 Marietta Rd Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton
    Look at all these nice cars that sit in the yard all day long. Help?
  • Blighted PropertyAcknowledged
    115 Hickory Flat Highway Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton
    Abandoned building with collapsed roof right down from Chevron in Hickory Flat Highway. Building empty and in poor condition for at least 8 years. Should be removed.
  • Blighted PropertyAcknowledged
    610 East Main Street Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton
    Abandoned house overgrown with kudzu and weeds
  • Blighted PropertyAcknowledged
    226 W Marietta St Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton
  • Blighted PropertyAcknowledged
    871 Marietta Rd Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton
    Neighbors at 871 Marietta Rd have built a shed-like structure in their backyard. This building has been in the "construction" phase for months, and there is no sign of it being completed anytime soon. It makes the area look like a shanty-town, and it is extremely unsightly. The yard is filled with trash and debris, and there are tires and construction timbers that have been there for years.
  • Blighted PropertyAcknowledged
    2-98 Myra Pl Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton

    Garbage in yard and on front porch. Garbage also on backside of the house (beer cans, empty beer boxes, random litter)

    Property was reported 6 months ago as well.

  • Blighted PropertyAcknowledged
    550 Waleska Rd Canton, Georgia - Canton
    Burned, vacant house - eyesore for community. Damage at least 1 year + old.
  • Blighted PropertyAcknowledged
    3785 Cherokee Overlook Dr Canton, Georgia - Canton
    Abandoned (foreclosed) house filled with garbage, debris, vermin infested and waste high grass/weeds.
  • Blighted PropertyAcknowledged
    630 East Main Street Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton
    610 East Main Street. This property has been empty for many years, appears bank owned and is falling apart. Please address.
  • Blighted PropertyAcknowledged
    280 Scott Mill Rd Canton, Georgia - Canton
    Vacant rental property (several years)- overgrown with weeds and kudzu - contributes to stray animals and rats - extreme eye sore.
  • Blighted PropertyAcknowledged
    85-159 North Street Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton
    It looks like a merchant has been accumulating garbage on the rooftop, at the edge closest to North Street.
  • Blighted PropertyAcknowledged
    1210 East Main Street Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton
    Dangerous dangling limb needs removing and debris cleaned up. It has been over a month since this trimming was done.