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  • 8396 S Grambling Way Sandy City, UT, 84094, USA - Sandy
    Broken sprinkler head along gutter
  • 8223 S Viscounti Dr Sandy UT 84093, United States - Sandy
    Not a clogged storm drain yet but the storm have left a lot of debris in our area and we seem to get missed by the street sweeper
  • 10808 Bohm Pl Sandy, Utah, 84094 - Sandy
    Street Sweeping vehicle came at 8AM while our street had Numerous vehicles and garbage cans on the street meaning .. the cleaning of the gutters was highly inefficient.
  • 11177 S 1330 E Sandy, Utah, 84092 - Sandy
    This is not a storm drain clog issue this is regarding you guys needing to put a storm drain in front of my house this has been going on many years and right in front of our house gets flooded every time there's larger rainfall amounts. In the winter the freezing in our front of our driveway occurs. Could you look into this. thank you
  • S Monroe St Sandy, UT, 84070, USA - Sandy

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Hello, my name is Whitney. My husband, John, and I moved into the historic district of Sandy in January of 2020. (8850 S 60 E Sandy, UT 84070) I would like to explain our situation and ask some questions. I appreciate your time in reading this email.

    We love the charm of our historic home, and actually liked the look of the"ditch" (for lack of a better word), in front of our house. However, quickly became turned off by how much maintenance is required. We tried weeding between all of the rocks and mucking out the ditch multiple times during the spring and summer last year and, ultimately, couldn't keep up with it. We also inherited a hard-to-maintain "park strip" between the sidewalk and ditch that has sprinklers installed, but which are not hooked up to any of our sprinkler systems. We could never figure out how to turn them on, which left our park strip very ugly and impossible to keep up with as well. I found it odd that one street over had a beautiful curb and gutter, and my next-door neighbors didn't even have a ditch- just asphalt from their sidewalk and wondered why our house had the impossible ditch.

    Last Summer, I contacted someone about the 50/50 concrete program hoping that could help our situation, and was told it wasn't the right department for curb and gutter, but that Sandy City was actively working toward replacing all ditches in the historic district. I was given a name to contact about that initiative, but after not being able to contact that person due to being out of the office for extended periods of time, I lost their information and gave up on the effort. I also have not seen any ditches being replaced in my 1.5 years here, so I had little hopes that this matter would be taken care of on its own.

    Due to the drought this year, we have not watered our lawn too much, which had me not wanting to complain about the ugly ditch- They kind of match now. :) But after the last 2 rainstorms, I would like to reopen this conversation. This is no longer an issue of aesthetics, but an issue of safety, and water drainage.

    We collect a lot of water from our entire neighborhood since our house is downstream from the North and the East. This ends up leaving a lot of water running in front of our house. I will admit that the last 2 rainstorms we have had have been REALLY strong, but the ditch in front of our house doesn't have a chance to properly drain even normal rainstorms, or when irrigation water gets turned on high. Like I mentioned before, our neighbor to the south has all concrete, so the water must drain from our ditch because it has nowhere else to go. I want to point out that the issues we face have not been unique to the past two rainstorms.

    Here are our 2 issues.
    1. Our drain(s) are not adequate to properly drain the water
    2. Because of this, debris from a large area of our neighborhood ends up in our yard.

    I have attached pictures to illustrate this further, but for context: the 2 drains in front of our house are not adequate to drain the amount of water coming in because the first one is clogged up with debris. The second one has been sandbagged- and is not going to drain any water. So we really only have 1 semi-functional working drain. The amount of water flooding our yard is staggering, and the amount of debris including organic matter and straight-up garbage is unacceptable. The video doesn't really show well, but we get flooding from the ditch around both drains, and the flooding from the 2nd drain runs deep into our yard almost all the way back to our backyard fence. We feel powerless to do anything about this and hate paying $6 a month for a service that is ultimately failing us.

    My question is, who can I speak to further about this matter, and what can be done to help us out with this issue? I am happy to speak on the phone, communicate by email, or meet someone on our property to discuss further. I really appreciate your attention to this matter.

    Thank you for your time,

    Whitney Padilla-Lange
    8850 S. 60 E
    Sandy, UT 84070

  • 9257 S 510 E Sandy UT 84070, United States - Sandy
    Across street from 496 E 9270 S. Large plant growing in drain.
  • 11075 S State St #11, Sandy, Utah, 84070 - Sandy
    Unit 11 B at Crescent office park gets flooded during heavy rain storms. We have installed a surface drain next to the unit, but this did not fix the problem. We'd like to meet with someone from the city to check on the maintenance of the closest drains as water seems to be coming off parking lot and flooding down rock wall to entry of unit 11B. We'd like to make sure City's drains aren't clogged and are being maintained.
  • 9125 S Monroe Plaza Way Sandy City, UT, 84070, USA - Sandy
    Huge puddle in the middle of the parking lot, drain is not working properly.
  • 425 E 10065 S Sandy UT 84070, United States - Sandy
    4 storm drain cover have been removed along Carnation Drive on the north side of Lone Peak Park and in the parking lot on the northwest side of the park.
  • 8749 S 450 E Sandy UT 84070, United States - Sandy
    It look all like the storm drain isn't working I don't think it was cleaned out after the park fence construction
  • 9663 S Flint Dr Sandy, Utah, 84094 - Sandy
    The storm drain is plugged up with debris and the rain has caused it to flood into my front yard.
  • 9941-9955 S 240 W Sandy, UT, 84070, USA - Sandy
    Sewer filled with debris right by the west side of the court bldg. Hopefully, the sign will help you find it. If I had a bag and scoop, I would have cleaned it up, but I was dressed for Hale Center. Thanks