Sandy, UT PLUS

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  • 9310 S 1300 E Sandy, UT 84094, USA - Sandy
    Came out of Amphitheatre and on my way to my car, it was hard to see the American flag. Found a spotlight below the Flagg was off-so this a problem of a light not working, rather than being left on. -
  • Meter LeakPotwierdzone
    210 W Sego Lily Dr Sandy UT 84070, United States - Sandy
    We got a continuous water flow email yesterday that said our water is flowing from May 11 to May 16 We turned off the main in our house We have no toilets or sinks or sprinklers running Everything is dry in our house and yard We have called about our bill previously and they sent a worker out to check the valve in the boulevard There was no black cap He replaced the cap but said the sensor was broken underneath please see picture Has it been replaced he said he had to order it Our main is off right now and that meter in the picture continues to run Please advise and check again to see what the problem is
  • Meter LeakPotwierdzone
    12128 S Woodridge Rd Sandy UT 84094, United States - Sandy
    No leak, just a missing antenna
  • Meter LeakPotwierdzone
    8578 S Snowville Dr Sandy City, UT, 84093, USA - Sandy
    We noticed the grass was squishy and opened the meter lid to find it full of water.
  • 10002 S Stone Mountain Ln Sandy City, UT, 84092, USA - Sandy
    Black pipe is pulled apart on the location I noted on the map. Also, to the south of the road entrance drive up to the park on Wasatch Blvd there is the same black pipe that has an open end on it.
  • 9833-9951 S Wasatch Blvd Sandy, UT, 84092, USA - Granite
    Black sprinkler pipe has no end on it and that seem odd.
  • 10002 S Stone Mountain Ln 84092 - Sandy
    This request was submitted to us directly, and then imported into SeeClickFix.
  • 2860 Wasatch Blvd Sandy, UT 84092, USA - Sandy
    request a trash can at the start of the trail to dispose of dog owners' dog waste. This is becoming a real issue for those that walk the trail there.
  • Falcon Park - Sandy
    Caller stated that the vertical panel at the top of the playground structure (the one with the panda on it) is missing bolts. He stated that it is loose and can easily be pulled away from the structure.
  • 1871 E Wasatch Blvd Sandy, Utah, 84092 - Sandy
    The caller's house border's Brandon Park, He said that a chain link fence on the south side of his property and the north side of Brandon Park, needs some repair work. He stated that he did not install the fence, it was already there. HIs name is Don Redmon, 949-306-1458
  • 1059 E Oakridge Cir Sandy City, UT, 84094, USA - Sandy
    Overflowing garbage can. 5ft weed
  • 2038 E 9800 S Sandy UT 84092, United States - Sandy
    Significant need for improvement on mulch. Weed barrier is showing through and weeds are beginning to grow at the playground. More mulch is needed to raise to appropriate height for play structures.