Sandy, UT PLUS

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  • 8322 S Julie Anna Ct - Sandy
    This request was submitted to us directly, and then imported into SeeClickFix.
  • 10421 S Wasatch Blvd Sandy, UT, 84092, USA - Sandy
    Ice in front of driveway plus standing water please fix
  • Porter Rockwell Trail Sandy UT 84070, United States - Sandy
    Mattress left on the side of the road
  • 10331 S 460 E Sandy City, UT, 84070, USA - Sandy
    trailer tongue protruding into the sidewalk
  • 9310 S 1300 E Sandy, UT 84094, USA - Sandy
    Came out of Amphitheatre and on my way to my car, it was hard to see the American flag. Found a spotlight below the Flagg was off-so this a problem of a light not working, rather than being left on. -
  • 8578 S Snowville Dr Sandy City, UT, 84093, USA - Sandy
    We noticed the grass was squishy and opened the meter lid to find it full of water.
  • 12128 S Woodridge Rd Sandy UT 84094, United States - Sandy
    No leak, just a missing antenna
  • 9901-9939 S Wildflower Rd Sandy, UT, 84092, USA - Sandy
    Appears to be a broken sprinkler or line
  • 11273 S 625 E Sandy, UT 84070, USA - Sandy
    please plow 625 East at 11200 South.
  • 9570 S Highland Dr Sandy UT 84092, United States - Sandy
    So many lights out at Little Cottonwood Shopping Center
  • 700–716 E 9400 S Sandy UT 84094, United States - Sandy
    Red light is out on the right signal of Eastbound 9400 S at 700 E
  • 11295 S Ohenry Rd Sandy City, UT, 84070, USA - Sandy
    Tree branches are breaking and falling into the street. It appears that more of the branches appear to be ready to break as well.