Sandy, UT PLUS

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  • Street LightsAcknowledged
    10600 S State St Sandy UT 84070, United States - Sandy
    Red light out, 106th S. State, northbound.
  • Street LightsAcknowledged
    W 10600 S & Auto Mall Dr Sandy, UT, 84070, USA - Sandy

    The light for pedestrians is not working properly. If the pedestrians turn to cross, it will not light up. Therefore the pedestrian never knows if they are allowed to cross or not.

    Additionally, there is no marked crosswalk in this area. Maybe consider repainting the crosswalk as it makes it extremely dangerous for someone to cross it without proper paint.

  • Street LightsAcknowledged
    10600–10636 S 1300 E Sandy UT 84094, United States - Sandy
    Traffic light is out
  • Street LightsAcknowledged
    9400–9428 S 700 E Sandy UT 84070, United States - Sandy
    Middle traffic signal heading southbound on 700 E at 9400 S has red light out
  • Street LightsAcknowledged
    11419 S 1380 E Sandy City, UT, 84092, USA - Sandy
    There's an electric speed limit sign here that clearly has a failing screen. Only a portion of the numbers. Read on the screen.
  • Street LightsAcknowledged
    E Barrett Park Dr & S Susan Dr Sandy, UT, 84092, USA - Sandy
    The street sign with the address coordinates on this corner is leaning pretty hard.
  • Street LightsAcknowledged
    E 9000 S Sandy UT 84070, United States - Sandy
    The traffic lights need to be adjusted Left hand turn to NB State St stays on for 3 seconds
  • Street LightsAcknowledged
    997 E 7800 S Midvale, UT 84047, USA - Sandy
    red light is out on the North East light
  • Street LightsAcknowledged
    E Sego Lily Dr & State St Sandy, UT, 84070, USA - Sandy
    The red part on the middle traffic light headed northbound on State St at 10000 S isn't working.
  • Street LightsAcknowledged
    S 1700 E Sandy, UT, 84092, USA - Salt Lake County
    Left turn light is tilting
  • Street LightsAcknowledged
    S Quarry Bend Dr & E Quarry Sands Ln Sandy, UT, 84094, USA - Sandy
    There are two lights out in the Quarry Bend Park parking lot. As you enter the park parking lot it's the one in the picture and the next one on the right.
  • Street LightsAcknowledged
    1403 E Rustic Wood Ct Sandy UT 84092, United States - Sandy
    We live in the new Ridges At Dimple Dell condominium complex. Recently the builder installed eight extremely bright street lights in the courtyard. These lights are creating light pollution and shining into everyone's bedrooms from dusk to dawn. We also live directly adjacent to Dimple Dell open space and we believe the lights will negatively impact the wildlife living near us. Several homeowners have complained about the new lights and the builder is telling us the city is requiring them. We'd like a city representative to meet us here one evening when the lights are on to discuss options to redirect the lighting down on the courtyard so that homeowners and wildlife are less impacted. I've attached one photo from our bedroom. I wasn't able to attach the video I took of all the lights. Can you please contact us and let us know when you are able to meet us here to discuss?
    Thank you,
    Karen Schroyer (801-839-9530)
    Sam Schroyer
    1407 E Rustic Wood Ct