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  • 77 Marsh Rd Atherton, CA, 94027, USA - Atherton
    This complaint is about 77-91 Marsh Road, and the obnoxious imposition the 2 major construction projects are for all residents and neighbors who rely on Marsh road for their commute to work and school. 79 Marsh Road was bad enough from time to time, but the neighbor house was - today - absurd. Absolutely absurde - while hundreds of children are attempting to get to school, the construction crew were stopping traffic willy-nilly between 8-830am. This morning, traffic was backed up all the way from 79 Marsh Road, down to the signals at the Bay intersection. Please investigate, please consider the significant impact of permitting TWO work crews with large back-hoes and cement mixers, etc., to effectively block Marsh Road. Please also consider requiring the owners of these projects to distribute information in advance of these on-and-off road closures, so that we must commute have some notice to take an alternative route. Today, Marsh Road is ridiculous - citizens first, new mansions in terrible locations second please.