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  • SidewalkAcknowledged
    740 West Peachtree Street Northwest Atlanta, GA 30308, USA - Atlanta
  • SidewalkAcknowledged
    855 Peachtree Street Northeast Atlanta, GA 30303, USA - Atlanta
    Grate between laughing skull and Utrecht has been bashed in creating bad tripping hazard.
  • 8th And Spring Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta
    This manhole is actually on the sidewalk and is repeatedly run over by delivery trucks thus causing the cover to come off. We reported via 911 a few weeks ago and it was fixed that afternoon. Please try to do the same this time; it could severely injure someone and will probably be a heavy traffic area due to the nearby bars and restaurants.
  • SidewalkAcknowledged
    1010 West Peachtree Street Northwest Atlanta, GA 30308, USA - Atlanta
    Pavers loose.
  • SidewalkAcknowledged
    45 8th Street Northeast Atlanta, GA 30309, USA - Atlanta
  • 43 5th St Ne Atlanta, GA 30308 - Atlanta
    The north-side bike lane on 5th St between Peachtree and West Peachtree requires too much dodging of potholes, bumps, and other non-smooth surface issues. Its like an obstacle course!
  • Water leakAcknowledged
    36 13th Street Northeast Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta

    Southeast corner of 13th Street and West Peachtree.

    There is a slow but steady stream of water flowing out of a crack in the curb at this intersection.

    This has been flowing for months and is beginning to undermine the asphalt at the intersection.

    This problem was also reported to the City of Atlanta Public Works Department on 2/10/14 via their automated form.

  • OtherAcknowledged
    905 Juniper Street Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta
    In alley behind building (alley is behind building, running between 8th and 7th streets) -- directly off of 8th street, there is a huge pothole (and some other minor ones, in the paved alley. Please remedy.
  • bicycle hazardAcknowledged
    1369 Spring St Nw Atlanta, GA 30309 - Atlanta
    Pothole is forcing cars to swerve into bike lane
  • 781-793 Juniper Street Northeast Atlanta, GA 30308, USA - Atlanta
    Missing water meter cover West of Juniper between 4th and 5th
  • 859 Spring Street Northwest Atlanta, GA 30308, USA - Atlanta
    New construction fencing blocks the view. Drivers leaving LA Fitness to turn right onto Spring Street cannot see oncoming traffic, and also cannot see the traffic light to know when it's red or green. The blue fabric on the fence needs to be removed along Spring. This is very dangerous, and I'm afraid someone is going to get hit.
  • 147 15th St Ne Atlanta, Georgia - Ansley Park
    there is a large pothole on 15th Street in front of the up ramp for 145-147 15th st NE. and the down ramp for Colony Square's 15th St garage entrance