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Open Issues: 13 Closed Issues: 971 Acknowledged Issues: 68
  • 563 Spring Street Northwest Atlanta, GA 30308, USA - Downtown
    Sign knocked down by car. Report to DPW to replace.
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    1075 Peachtree St Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta
    Pothole in far right NB bound on Peachtree St (1075 Peachtree St) just south of 12th St. Crews were out doing work and failed to properly finish pavement covering.
  • Planter/bulboutAcknowledged
    2-30 3rd Street Northwest Atlanta, GA 30308, USA - Atlanta
    Needs supplemental soil & new groundcover
  • Clean storm drainsAcknowledged
    Peachtree St Ne@Spring St Nw Atlanta, GA 30309, USA - Atlanta
    Please clean out drains at peachtree/spring
  • 1558 Peachtree Street Northeast Atlanta, GA 30309, USA - Atlanta
    Asphalt needs to be chipped away
  • OtherAcknowledged
    1144 Crescent Avenue Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta
    Foul smells are emitting from Crescent Street sewer traps
  • OtherAcknowledged
    11th Street/Crescent Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta
    Pedestrian signed knocked down on 11th Street near Fed. Reported to DPW on 10/1. No image available.
  • 1-27 Peachtree Place Northeast Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta
    The Bicycle lane on west peachtree street beginning at the intersection of Peachtree place has a very large pothole. Severe road sinking/cracking has developed from the pothole northward toward Tenth street. It runs along the sewer line and may indicate a leak or other problem.
  • Drainage/floodingAcknowledged
    992-1000 Peachtree Street Northeast Atlanta, GA 30309, USA - Atlanta
    Blocked drainage on northbound side of peachtree street between 10th and 11th streets causing flooding, sudden stops and interrupting traffic flow
  • 1206 Piedmont Avenue Northeast Atlanta, GA 30309, USA - Ansley Park
    Two pot holes, 3-4 inches deep, approx 200 feet before the botanical garden entrance on the southbound lane. Really needs to get patched
  • Pot HoleAcknowledged
    `1230 Peachtree Street Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta
    There is a pot hole on 15th street at the entrance of the Promenade Loading Dock. It is on the street side of the loading dock. It appears that it was repaired before, but the hole has reappeared.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    4th Street And Piedmont Avenue Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta
    The large square metal cover for the water works at the crosswalk from 4th and Piedmont on the Juniper Street side is usually always raised. Many senior citizens use this location to walk to Publix, and several have walkers. Two residents are visually impaired.. They can trip on this cover, or get their walkers caught in it. Why can't the water company replace this cover properly after their repairs. This has been a problem for several years now. This is a definite hazard.