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    781 Peachtree Street Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta
    Homeless individuals camp out every night on the steps and in front of this church. They are constantly seen harassing people walking by. This often occurs when people are walking to and from the Fox theatre. They have been observed publicly urinating, using drugs and behaving in a way that makes residents of nearby buildings feel unsafe to even walk by the church at night.
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    301-333 12th Street Northeast Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta
    Parking Sign knocked down and removed
  • 46-58 8th Street Northwest Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta
    Damaged drainage structure located on the NW corner of Spring at 8th Street
  • 51-81 8th Street Northeast Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta
    The Green team picked up a Parking Hours sign that was hit over the weekend. It was reported to the City on 8/28/14
  • 95 12th St Ne Atlanta, GA 30309, USA - Atlanta
    Ever since this became a two way street the no parking on the north side of 12th is ignored resulting in a dangerous traffic flow. Especially bad on Sunday's.
  • 143-169 15th St Ne Atlanta, GA 30361, USA - Atlanta
    Bad pot holes
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    892 Juniper Street Northeast Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta

    Graffiti spray painted on the stone barrier wall. Location is West side of Juniper Street, between 8th St NE and 7th St.,NE.

    It seems the vandal NOK has tagged this wall once again. Maybe his actions were caught on Midtowns Blues surveillance cameras?
    Can we get the graffiti covered up and painted please?
    We as residence of Midtown Atlanta pay a million for a residence and additional thousands and thousands of dollars in taxes. To call midtown our home. Why should we have to put up with looking at this trash day after day?

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    848 Spring St. Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta
    Large amount of broken glass in the street gutter for over 1 block.
  • 1201 Peachtree St Ne Atlanta, GA 30361, USA - Atlanta