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  • 60 Nelson Ave Jersey City, New Jersey, 07307 - The Heights
    Hi, there is a wire dangling from the telephone pole on the corner of the intersection of Graham St. and Nelson Ave., well within reach of pedestrians/children.
  • Is there anything that can be done to stop these "Junk Car" businesses from advertising constantly? It only contributes to the massive litter problem we already have in the Sherwood-Claremont neighborhood. They are always littered on the sidewalk and street as people just discard them without disposing of them properly.
  • Hi I want to clarify what's the requirements of items I can put into my backyard without a permit. I am interested in putting a tent, gazebo, or greenhouse that is small enough that doesn't require approval.

    The address is 160 1st street, jersey city.

  • Berry Ln Jersey City, NJ, 07304, USA - Bergen-Lafayette
    Lights not working at Berry Lane Skatepark
  • 53–61 Greene St Jersey City NJ 07302, United States - The Waterfront
    Car or truck crash into the fence, let's fix it :-) Thanks!
  • 47 Summit Ave Jersey City NJ 07304, United States - McGinley Square
    Cars drive up on the sidewalk next to the park on summit We need new sidewalks and ballast to keep cars out! Kids use this park and it's not safe
  • 970-976 Garfield Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07304, USA - Bergen-Lafayette
    Water fountain by the tennis court is constantly running
  • 25 W Hamilton Pl Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown
    Playground drinking fountain continually runs & leaks and causes algae, and now runs on to the new matting.
  • Ask a QuestionAcknowledged
    2983 John F Kennedy Blvd Jersey City, NJ, 07306, USA - Journal Square
    Who is responsible for maintaining the memorial at Kennedy & Newark? The memorial has been in pretty poor condition and people seem to be parking on it / around it. It's such a shame that this is how we treat the memorials to our veterans.
  • ConstructionAcknowledged
    Charlie Heger Ice Skating Rink - The Heights

    Pershing Field Ice Rink

    1. North fire exit permanently blocked by stored plywood.

    2. Roof on north and south side permanently leaks at outer edges. Clear sabotage on part of City workers.

    3. I request City fire worker responsible for maintenance.

    4. I request certificate of occupancy be revoked for fire safety hazard.

  • 450 Manila Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown
    This sidewalk was cut up for construction too long ago to remember. It makes the sidewalk entirely too narrow and hard to navigate. Also, there’s no sidewalk on the other side of the street; this is the only option.
  • ConstructionAcknowledged
    Pershing Field - The Heights

    Pershing Field north of Community Center. Wide steps north of Center are being sabotaged by corrupt maintenance workers. Water is directed under the slabs and soil is washed out under whole set. There are visible cavities under slabs. Also, tripping hazard.

    I request maintenance supervisor be fired for sabotage of public property.