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  • Sidewalk DefectAcknowledged
    52 Summit Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07304, USA - McGinley Square

    The sidewalk alongside Bergen Hill Park on Summit Ave has been in terrible condition for over a year now. It's been reported multiple times on SeeClickFix and keeps getting marked as "Acknowledged" and assigned to different people (Code Compliance, Building and Streets, Parks Maintenance - Alphonso Lynch, Forestry - Tom) but a year later, the sidewalk is still a hazard and has not been fixed. The sidewalk continues to deteriorate.

    What is the status of the repair and who should we be contacting to get this fixed?

  • 98 Colgate St Jersey City 07302, United States - Downtown
    undersized tree pit
  • Washington St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - The Waterfront
    On Washington Street between the Powehouse which is Bay Street and Green Street all the way to Goldman Sachs building there are about 50 cutouts for trees that were planted and never cared for and now they are gone, and the tree wells are empty. The resident is requesting the trees be replaced by the property owners. He is asking is there is a way for the City to require the building owners to replace the trees, He said the owners can afford to replace them. He is asking for enforcement, or if the city can offer to plant the trees for a fee. The resident said that it is very hot in this area during the summer because of the lack of trees.
  • ConstructionAcknowledged
    139 New York Ave Jersey City 07307, United States - The Heights
    Resident believes neighbor removed healthy tree without permit
  • Ask a QuestionAcknowledged
    57–119 Mountain Rd Jersey City 07307, United States - The Heights
    There seems to be an infestation of spotted mountain flies at the 100 steps of Jersey City. I see the plant life is being eaten and the greenery is dying. Is there anything that can be done to save the plant life? These bugs are everywhere.
  • 334 Barrow St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown

    This is to reopen Complaint No. 11188132.

    It says the lower limbs of the trees were cut. This is not solving any issues. The branches from these trees are literally going over the properties next to it. These trees need to be trimmed all the way around, not just the alleged "lower limbs." I pass through here frequently and I still see no changes. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  • 101–135 New County Rd Jersey City 07094, United States - Jersey City
    Someone put this here where a tree goes at 1122 summit st Jersey City nj 07307 needs a tree there
  • Ask a QuestionAcknowledged
    Caven Point Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07305, USA - Bergen-Lafayette
    Who can I contact about trying to get rid of a tree? The tree in front of our building is causing problems with the sewer and plumbing problems in our building and it is also breaking up the sidewalk. The tree roots gets stuck into the pipes and causes lots of problems with water within the units of the building and was told that if we get rid of the tree, it would help tremendously with the problem. So who do I contact and how do we go about getting this taken care of? Thank you.
  • Bergen Ave & Vroom St Jersey City, New Jersey, 07306 - Journal Square
    need to replace dead Trees from Bergen ave and vroom streets down to Tuers ave.
  • 13 Bleecker St Jersey City NJ 07307, United States - The Heights
    This young street tree appears to have been cut down several weeks ago Is it possible for it to be replaced during this spring planting?
  • 529-541 Manila Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07310, USA - Downtown
    Please plant trees in three empty tree pits at this corner. One is on Grove St and two are on 10th St, all near the SE corner of Grove/10th.
  • 124 Vroom St Jersey City, NJ, 07306, USA - Journal Square
    Opposite the Hudson County Incinerator Authority, on Vroom St between Bergen and Tuers Ave, two trees need replacing. One tree was completely removed and another was left an eight foot high stump.