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  • Business ComplaintAcknowledged
    41 Central Avenue Jersey City, NJ, 07306, USA - The Heights
    The new 7-Eleven store on Central Ave and 139 has two lot entrances (one on Central, one on 139). The one on 139 has no curb cut. You can see there was an old curb cut on that side, but they moved the exit a few feet West and now you have to jump the sidewalk. Please have the business install a proper entrance/exit on the 139 side and save some tires.
  • 115 Bleecker St Jersey City, New Jersey, 07307 - The Heights
    According to one of the Councilman's Aid, there is a suspected "Illegal Driveway" at this property.
  • DrivewaysAcknowledged
    35 Laidlaw Ave Jersey City, NJ 07306, USA - The Heights
    when I reported this car & gate blocking the sidewalk JC parking authority officer said it wasn't illegal parking. it cannot possibly be legal to leave the gate across the sidewalk like this. so if the parking isn't illegal, is the gate within code?
  • Nj-139 W Jersey City 07306, United States - Journal Square
    How is this legal- north side of Rt139 just west of Baldwin, a fencing was put up in front of the curb cut so cars now drive on the sidewalk to park (where the one pictured doesn’t even fit and overlaps into the sidewalk). Not a big deal overall i guess but if this is legal then that means i can use my neighbor’s curb cut to drive over onto my property to park, even if i overlap onto the sidewalk some….
  • DrivewaysAcknowledged
    103 Leonard St Jersey City, New Jersey, 07307 - The Heights
    This home and several others are painting their own lines and No Parking on the ground, and making these marks much wider than originally
    Same issue at 108 Leonard Street
    Please have someone come look at this.
    (Not an illegal driveway)
  • 111 Ocean Ave Jersey City NJ 07305, United States - Greenville
    Need No Parking painted on driveway. Every day someone blocks me in or from getting out . I work everyday. Parking authority does not respond to requests. I have been requesting for years. This is a legal driveway as "Warren from zoning" approved it last year. Can it finally get done please ??? ..
  • DrivewaysAcknowledged
    182 Arlington Ave Jersey City, New Jersey, 07305 - Bergen-Lafayette
    Constituents are painting there own driveways 2ft before the curb cut out
  • 13 Stegman St Jersey City, New Jersey, 07305 - Greenville
    Owner of house claims this is a legal driveway inspector was called back in 2019 and owner was told it’s not legal and must take down the sign. Not sure if it’s a new owner but as of this morning he put up the no parking sign.
  • 200 Tonnelle Ave Jersey City, NJ 07306, USA - Journal Square
    Sidewalk to the building is so bad that every time we pull our cars up to Street it always touches the street. everyone's car has a dent. Please fix.
  • Delineator issuesAcknowledged
    103-107 Cambridge Ave Jersey City, NJ 07307, USA - The Heights
    The fence is bent and should be straightened out.
  • 2 Second St Jersey City NJ 07302, United States - The Waterfront
    Who let the brick out? :-)
  • 491 Tonnele Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07307, USA - The Heights
    The gas company dug up the narrow sidewalk and paved it unevenly about a year ago and left it ugly like that.