Trees PLUS

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  • 92 Astor Pl Jersey City NJ 07304, United States - McGinley Square
    Tree branches on sidewalk
    Residents have been requesting this city tree be pruned for months
  • 395 Third St Jersey City 07302, United States - Downtown
  • 144–150 Christopher Columbus Dr Jersey City 07302, United States - Downtown
    Dead tree branches piled on Columbus, behind K9dergarten. Please send someone to pick up, they are beginning to accumulate trash
  • 291 Claremont Ave Jersey City, NJ 07305, USA - West Side
    Truck drove up Claremont Ave and due to its height, it broke off the branch.
  • 230 Grant Ave Jersey City NJ 07305, United States - West Side
    Tree Branch is in front of house and a small one on wires
  • 216 Washington St Jersey City NJ 07302, United States - The Waterfront
    Tree branch is blocking entire sidewalk and driveway into the parking lot
  • 72 Sussex St Jersey City, New Jersey, 07302 - The Waterfront
    It looks like the limb fell down from the tree next to it. Maybe other branches need to be removed or cut from the larger tree so this does not happen again.
  • 2nd St & Newark Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown
    Branch broken and hanging on another branch. Risk to pedestrians.
  • 13 Bond St Jersey City, New Jersey, 07306 - Journal Square
    A constituent reported that between Garrison Avenue and JFK Boulevard, in front of 13 Bond Street, there is a tree branch hanging on the street wires that could fall and hurt someone.
  • 16 Waverly St Jersey City NJ 07306, United States - The Heights
    Large branch is stuck on powerlines
  • 105 Magnolia Ave Jersey City NJ 07306, United States - Journal Square
    This is still here
  • 30 Neptune Ave Jersey City, New Jersey, 07305 - Greenville
    According to this constituent, "there's tree branches located on the sidewalk at the curb that needs to be picked up."