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    2842 John F Kennedy Blvd Jersey City, New Jersey, 07306 - Journal Square

    It looks like this streetlight pole base rotted out from salt damage and the decorative globe streetlight was removed.

    PSE&G electricians recently installed the traffic cone to cover the live electrical wires.

    A new base, pole and globe fixture need to be installed.

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    20 Second St Jersey City 07302, United States - The Waterfront
    Light pole is down. Along boardwalk along 20 2nd Street pool
  • 145 Ocean Ave Jersey City 07305, United States - Greenville
    This entire bus shelter and street sign was knocked down. Now the curb is full of litter.
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    326-334 Washington Boulevard Jersey City, New Jersey - The Waterfront
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    2 Exchange Pl Jersey City 07302, United States - The Waterfront
    Unsafe and exposed light
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    52 Mcadoo Avenue Jersey City, NJ - Greenville
    No Light Pole, allegedly knocked out since Hurricane Sandy.
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    323 Stegman Pkwy Jersey City, NJ, 07305, USA - Greenville
    this block is big and there are only like 3-5 lights only providing light
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    Jersey Ave Jersey City NJ 07304, United States - Downtown
    All of the lights are out on half of the jersey ave bridge (closest to LSP and Johnston ave)
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    108 Dekalb Ave Jersey City NJ 07306, United States - Journal Square
    DeKalb Avenue is a very dark block. A better lighting system is needed.
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    1-199 Mountain Rd Jersey City, NJ, 07307, USA - The Heights
    We need lights on Mountain Rd. I have posted in the past about how this area is a magnet for illicit activity since it is dark, unpaved and overgrown. I have encountered drug use, public urination & defication as well as people engaged in sexual activity. You name it, it goes on back here. It is unsettling and unacceptable. Maybe now that the mayor lives on the block we can get some attention to this problem? It does not seem right that you can have an address on a street but no way to get simple safety measures put in place like a streetlight. The only light back here comes from floodlights that owners pay for out of their own pockets. Please give this matter the attention it deserves.
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    330 Pine St Jersey City NJ 07304, United States - Bergen-Lafayette
    Is there a status update from PSEG regarding getting brighter lights and more poles installed on this street? It's a continued safety issue as the street is very dark at night and the abandoned building had a lot of activity
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    784 Ocean Ave Jersey City, NJ 07304, USA - Bergen-Lafayette
    There is a missing street light at the corner of Oak St. and MLK Drive across from Oak St. Park.