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  • 52 Mcadoo Avenue Jersey City, NJ - Greenville
    No Light Pole, allegedly knocked out since Hurricane Sandy.
  • LightingAcknowledged
    79 Clerk St Jersey City, NJ, 07305, USA - Bergen-Lafayette
    Multiple residents on clerk street between Claremont and myrtle and requesting installation of additional street lighting as parts of the street are quite dark at night
  • LightingAcknowledged
    2 Journal Square Plaza Jersey City NJ 07306, United States - Journal Square
    All the street lights in front of the Journal Square Transportation Center from the fountain to Pavonia are out (I'm not providing a pole number because there isn't one on the lights and it's dozens of lights)
  • LightingAcknowledged
    555 Bramhall Ave Jersey City, New Jersey, 07304 - Bergen-Lafayette
    lightpole is needed. replacement needed
  • LightingAcknowledged
    330 Pine St Jersey City NJ 07304, United States - Bergen-Lafayette
    Is there a status update from PSEG regarding getting brighter lights and more poles installed on this street? It's a continued safety issue as the street is very dark at night and the abandoned building had a lot of activity
  • Madison Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07304, USA - Bergen-Lafayette
    The light pole by the church on Madison Avenue is falling down . This is a hazard.
  • LightingAcknowledged
    43 Prospect St Jersey City, NJ, 07307, USA - The Heights
    Hi - I wanted to see whether it is possible to get another street light installed on Prospect St. Specifically, the area between 30 - 50 Prospect is very dark at night and there is a pole currently without a light. The pole number is included within the request. Thanks!
  • LightingAcknowledged
    Jersey Ave Jersey City NJ 07304, United States - Downtown
    All of the lights are out on half of the jersey ave bridge (closest to LSP and Johnston ave)
  • LightingAcknowledged
    353 Wayne Street Jersey City - Downtown
    Hello. This street desperately needs lighting. The lamp post in front of my home was burnt out they came to “replace it” however now there is no pole or light altogether now. I would like an update as to what is going on. I have tried reaching out to the city on multiple occasions regarding this issue. It has been almost 5 months and this street has no light. Please look into this issue in order to have the lamp post replaced.
  • Ask a QuestionAcknowledged
    Clerk St Jersey City, New Jersey, 07305 - Greenville
    could i ask to put strong white LED street light on clerk street between Myrtle and Wilkinson ave ?
    i see that some streets are updated already with the new LED white light.
  • LightingAcknowledged
    451 Liberty Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07307, USA - The Heights
    Please install street light at this pole. This patch of the street is very dark.
  • Sidewalk DefectAcknowledged
    284 Wayne St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown
    Street lamp constantly flickers off, needs to be replaced