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  • LightingAcknowledged
    90 Van Horne St Jersey City 07304, United States - Bergen-Lafayette
    This entire area at the very end of Van Horne St, opposite side of Bramhall, is in desperate need of (more) bright street lights. New lights may need to be installed. There is still a ton of activity, sometime illegal, going on at the back of this street at night on a regular basis. This is a law enforcement issue, but is also the responsibility of the city to make sure appropriate lights are here to keep everyone safe. If that means installing additional lighting, please do so.
  • Suburbia Drive Jersey City, New Jersey - Greenville
    Request a streetlight to keep away gangsters or burglars
  • Glenn Lane Jersey City, New Jersey - Greenville
    me(ronald) and my neighbors are requesting a streetlight. Theres a pole (pole#67 622 JC) but no light installed..
  • 425-435 Summit Ave Jersey City, NJ 07306, USA - Journal Square
    Broken/Fallen Lamppost is located at the corner of Sip Avenue & Summit Avenue.
  • 67–113 6th St Jersey City Nj 07310 United States - The Waterfront
  • 88 Morgan Street Jersey City, New Jersey - The Waterfront
    NO LIGHTS or DIM LIGHTS, when walking from train station to Trump Plaza, allowing robbers cover to assault victims without police protection nor lights, nor sufficient lighting in the area.
  • LightingAcknowledged
    180 10th St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown
    The street in front of 180 10th Street is very much dark at night because there is no street light. There are two street lights but each at the junction of Marin Blvd and Grove St. It will be very helpful if we have a street light in the middle so that the whole street is well lit at night.
    Thank you.
  • LightingAcknowledged
    Journal Sq Jersey City, NJ, 07306, USA - Journal Square

    ALL 11 decorative globe streetlights in front of the PATH plaza on the east side of JFK Boulevard are not lit. This is some kind of electrical feed problem and has happened before.

    The photo shows the southernmost streetlight near Jollibee.

  • 650 Grove Street Jersey City, NJ, 07310, USA - Downtown
    There is already lighting infrastructure (it seems) so perhaps it’s just in need of new bulbs. All are off/out so It feels dangerous waking at night especially since some people do sleep under this overpass.
  • 620 Communipaw Ave Jersey City 07304, United States - McGinley Square
    I attempted to contact PSE&G and they stated that this light pole was the responsibility of the city and not theirs. I have been trying to get this light on for the past three years with no luck and this is not a safe area for my family.
  • LightingAcknowledged
    312 Garfield Ave Jersey City 07305, United States - Greenville
    Thank you for installing the two new street lights with brighter bulbs on Garfield ave. However, a tree is blocking the light from providing full light to the dark street. Can we get one more light installed on the corner of Cator and Garfield? On the corner of 315 or 312 Garfield Avenue? It will help to illuminate the very dark and scary corner, not to mention provide light for drivers who are constantly hitting into parked cars on this block.
  • 10 Huron Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07306, USA - Journal Square
    On the corner of JFK Blvd and Huron Ave (Entrance of Church) there are always homeless people sitting and walking around posing safety and hygiene concerns to nearby residents. Is there anything we can do for them as shelter or help residents with more lights to enable safer pedestrian traffic