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  • Grace St & Nelson Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07307, USA - The Heights

    I am asking for Stop Signs on Nelson Avenue at Locations of Hague Street, Leonard, Graham, and others to improve street crosswalk for pedestrians. It's a safety hazard for people to cross on Nelson Avenue at Leonard Street, Graham, and others due to cars driving by. Pedestrians usually have to wait a long time before they can cross and it's still a safety issue.

    Maybe Stop Signs are needed at these crosswalk locations on Nelson Avenue. Also keep in mind that Public School 27 is few blocks away so having these Stop Signs on Nelson will help crosswalk safety for pedestrians for all people especially school children. The City Inspector needs to determine whether STOP Signs are needed at the locations, Speed Humps, or traffic lights. Thank you!

  • Baldwin Ave & Fleet St Jersey City, NJ, 07306, USA - The Heights
    Drivers consistently park their vehicles too close to the crosswalk at Fleet St and Baldwin. Please install curb extensions to prevent this behavior and enhance pedestrian safety.
  • Parking issuesReconocido
    Grand St & Washington St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - The Waterfront
    My children are bussed from PS 16 to Danforth. I am becoming increasingly concerned with the lack of a safe area for the numerous buses to pull over on Grand and Washington. Every morning and afternoon the buses gridlock the street, and create major traffic because there is not adequate parking for the 6 plus buses that are needed to facilitate getting these spillover children to their Danforth school. Children are forced to walk into the street to get to their double parked buses- it's an accident waiting to happen. How do we go about removing residential street parking on Washington Street from Grand to Sussex to help with this issue? If you stop allowing residents to park on Washington in front os PS 16, it will greatly expedite the bus situation and make things MUCH safer for pedestrians and drivers in that area.
  • 2nd St & Warren St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown
    At this crossword, there are stop signs for cars but they routinely ignore it. Additionally, the street doesn’t have lane delineations and is wide, so even if a car does stop for a pedestrian, other cars swerve and go around it without realizing there is a crosswalk.
  • 340 Newark Ave Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    The intersection of Newark, 5th and Merseles is a tragedy waiting to happen during morning rush hour as kids are crossing on the way to PS5. There is no stop sign, traffic light to protect pedestrians in the crosswalk. Drivers ignore the flashing crossing lights and turn a 2 lane road into 4 as the cross the median and pass vehicles on the right OR LEFT to get by the cars that DO stop for pedestrians. They also ignore the crossing guard (who has been absent the past week). The 25mph speed limit is ignored as people are doing 40. In the few weeks school has been open, there have been close calls even when the crossing guard is there holding up a stop sign. The construction at the intersection also limits sidewalk space.
  • Berry Lane Park Union St, Jersey City, NJ, 07304, USA - Bergen-Lafayette
    I have noticed multiple requests to either add multiple stops signs or traffic lights along Garfield Ave near Berry Lane Park. It’s tragic when elected officials brag about a new development just to flake on community safety. Students, elderly residents, pet-owners, etc. should’nt have to deal with speeding and drivers who refuse to stop. If you want more people to move here, the least you can do is protect them.
  • St Pauls Ave Jersey City NJ 07306, United States - Journal Square
    Btwn Bevan and 139 on Saint Paul's it is a 2 way road. The only reason it's two ways if for the awful parking lot that serves zero purpose for the community considering all of the buildings in this block, have gated parking with hundreds of spots available to them. This area is incredibly dangerous for pedestrians AND drivers because people are driving into oncoming traffic to go around everyone waiting at the stop sign to turn right onto 139. There should be a bump out here after the lot entrance or some other way to prevent people from driving into oncoming traffic. It happens every morning all morning and it is very dangerous. My real opinion is that this entire stretch of road should be a dead end so this street ceases to be used for cut through traffic.
  • 211–215 Coles St Jersey City 07302, United States - Downtown
    With all the new apartment buildings in the area, a safer pedestrian walkway under these overpasses would be greatly appreciated. It’s dark, sidewalks are filthy and not ADA accesible, and cars are constantly speeding. Make JC a safer place!
  • 2nd St & Erie St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown
    Please consider adding a stop sign on Erie Street at 2nd Street, along with daylighting on Erie street at this intersection. Each stop along Erie from 1st to 12th street is controlled either via stop sign or traffic light, except for this intersection. Drivers will occasionally come to a stop while traveling along Erie street at this intersection as it is due to extremely limited visibility. Visibility is limited by cars parking on the eastern and western sides of Erie street up to the 2nd street crosswalk, and by a large tree and a power pole on the eastern side of Erie street just south of the 2nd Street intersection. In its current form, drivers and bikers along Erie Street cannot see pedestrians in the 2nd Street crosswalk until the pedestrians have already entered the roadway, pedestrians cannot see traffic on Erie Street at this intersection until they enter the roadway, and vehicles and bikes traveling west along 2nd Street must drive past their stop sign and pull onto Erie Street in order to visualize vehicles and bikes that may be traveling towards them along Erie Street.
  • 235-249 Brunswick St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown
    The intersection of Brunswick and Pavonia is extremely dangerous. Countless times drivers do not stop or even slow down as they travel on Brunswick from 9th street towards 8th street. It is as though the stop sign there does not exist. I have been almost hit while walking my dog multiple times because someone did not stop. This is extremely dangerous because of the public park with a child playground and water pad as well as the dog groomer located on pavonia adds increased dog traffic in this area. I believe what is needed here is a raised crossed walk to bring the pedestrians up to eye level with the drivers as well as it creates some speed mitigation. Installing a speed hump further down the block would not stop drivers from blowing through the stop sign.
  • Congress St & Palisade Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07307, USA - The Heights
    Something like 30-50 / hr buses try to squeeze through the block of Congress between Paterson Plank and Palisade—plus hundreds of vehicles and pedestrians. The onstreet parking of 20 cars should be banned during the morning rush. It makes difficult for buses to turn and reduces visibility of pedestrians at crosswalks. This would be a minor inconvenience for 20 people easing travel for thousands.
  • Bay St & Marin Blvd Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown

    Thank you for adding pedestrian lights to this intersection. Unfortunately, drivers around here are brazen and it’s not enough.

    They do not stop for pedestrians with the lights flashing. And if you’re in a vehicle crossing Marin from Bay Street, good luck! You have to pull out into the middle of Marin to see around parked cars, and then pray someone in both directions stop due to a constant flow of traffic on both sides. Also, when there’s a red light a block away on either side, cars block the intersection for both cars and pedestrians. Doesn’t make sense that there isn’t a light here as well.

    I’ve almost been hit as a pedestrian multiple times. And I’ve witnessed car accidents due to the blind spots in this intersection.

    It continues to get more unsafe as the population on Marin grows, especially given this is flanked by 351 Marin and the Hendrix. Will only get worse with the two new condo buildings going up on Bay and Provost.

    Thank you for your consideration.