Traffic PLUS

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  • 249 Summit Ave Jersey City 07304, United States - McGinley Square
  • 557 Communipaw Ave Jersey City, New Jersey, 07304 - Bergen-Lafayette
    There used to be a sign showing no parking and the bus stop sign at Communipaw and cresent. local residents took it down and it has not been replaced. Cars are idiling 24/7 to go to 555 Communipaw (Best Deal).
  • Morris Pesin Dr Jersey City, NJ, 07305, USA - Liberty Park
    Morris Pesin Drive @ Burma Road: for this roundabout traffic circle, the YIELD sign (nearest 14 Burma Road building) is leaning badly & needs realignment, please. Thank you!
  • 12 Reserve Ave Jersey City, New Jersey, 07307 - The Heights
    parking sign has been knocked down for months and laying on curb at 12-14 reserve ave.
  • 457 W Side Ave Jersey City NJ 07304, United States - West Side
    Please replace faded no parking anytime sign at the corner of Virginia and W. Side Ave. Thank you for your help!
  • 1 Halstead St Jersey City, NJ, 07305, USA - West Side
    request for signage that states "no parking from here to corner" because it's hard for cars to turn and see around illegally parked vehicles
  • 1167 Summit Ave Jersey City, New Jersey, 07307 - The Heights
    In front of 1167 Summit Avenue the "No Parking" sign is on the wrong side of the street. "No Parking," Tues. and Fri. between 8 - 10.
  • 2203 John F Kennedy Blvd Jersey City, NJ, 07304, USA - West Side
    Missing “keep right” sign in median of JFK Blvd at the intersection of Ege Ave.
  • 311 Bergen Ave Jersey City, NJ 07305, USA - Bergen-Lafayette
    The sign for Ege Ave at the intersection of Bergen and Ege has been missing for at least the past 7 months. A new one needs to be installed.
  • 983 Communipaw Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07304, USA - West Side
    There are two construction detour signs in this photo that are no longer applicable on Northbound 440 at the Truck-1/9 & Communipaw intersection. These are the information about the bridge on Rt-7 being closed, but the bridge was completed two years ago. These signs can be removed, assuming by the State DoT.
  • 480 W Side Ave Jersey City NJ 07304, United States - West Side
    Please have this faded. No parking sign replaced. Thanks for all your help! Sign In is at the corner of void and W. Side Ave. Thanks again.
  • 6 Vreeland Pl Jersey City, New Jersey, 07305 - Greenville
    I lived on this block for over 42 years and the street cleaning was always Monday and Thursday and this rules was always abided by us, until about 2 years ago some traffic control came and change one of our sign to Tues & Fri which was never enforced. We live on a dead end street with 2 street cleaning sign on both side, except this one.I was incorrectly ticketed for this sign. This need to be change before ticket control come again and also he never return after that day.