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  • 26 Arthur St Methuen MA 01844, United States - Methuen
    Speeding on Arthur street has increased and this needs to be addressed! There are many kids in the neighborhood, including special needs/handicapped Signs were put up and this does not seem to deter the speeding!
  • Highway - OtherAcknowledged
    Milk St & Pleasant Valley St Methuen, MA, 01844, USA - Methuen
    Please put temporary road markers to keep cars in 1st lane that should go right into loop near olive garden from cutting off cars in the other lane. Have watched so many near misses bc of this. Despite signage that says myst turn right cars are deliberately cutting others off. This is safety issue and needs to be addressed
  • Street Sign IssueAcknowledged
    1–35 Norgate Rd Methuen MA 01844, United States - Methuen
    We need a no parking sign on Arnold st. I almost got into another head on collision as i turned right onto Arnold St coming from Norgate. We can't see the cars coming down from Arnold
  • Calumet Rd & Merrimack St Methuen, Massachusetts, 01844 - Methuen
    Vehicles traveling west on Rt 110 that are stopped at this red light, waiting to enter the ramp for rt 495 north, consistently go through the red light in order to go to the next green arrow light for the highway onramp. This is causing near accidents daily for the vehicles who have a green light and are coming from Calumet to turn left onto Rt 110. It is especially bad during rush hour times. Please adjust lights, signs, police presence etc for the safety of all
  • Pleasant St Methuen, Massachusetts, 01844 - Methuen
    High rate of speed on Pleasant street, Milk street & Prospect Street. In general a lack of traffic law enforcement city wide. Red lights are no longer observed. If the Police department does not enforce traffic laws, it is time the city uses traffic cameras to provide public safety.
  • Street Sign IssueAcknowledged
    1st Ave & Harris St Methuen Town, MA, 01844, USA - Methuen
    Cars are constantly parked at the corner of Harris and !st and it creates an issue with delivery trucks and trash pickup. There needs to be a no parking sign added to the area to prevent an accident. Its already a small street when it gets to 1st ave and it makes driving in the area tricky at times
  • Broadway & Park St Methuen Town, MA, 01844, USA - Methuen
    Crosswalk paint is no longer visible. Crossing the road is very dangerous in this section of Broadway. Cars don’t stop even standing under the crosswalk signs, one car two cars behind someone that was stopping figured it was a two lane road and tried to pass while starting to cross. Either blinking lights, painting (like the Park/Lawrence street intersection has) or some other signage that may help this area avoid another tragic pedestrian accident.
  • Riverside Dr Methuen, Massachusetts, 01844 - Methuen
    At 3:15 am on Saturday morning cars were speeding on Riverside Drive.
  • Golf Ave Methuen, Massachusetts, 01844 - Methuen

    Constant speeding, even after the city installed a speed limit sign we have a speeding problem. Recently a dog was hit and killed on Golf Ave if you can not safely stop for a dog in the road then there is a speeding issue here. This is a heavy residential area, either we have a speed radar sign installed or more police presence.

    There are many children bike riding and basketball playing, these cars just drive past these kids they don't even slow down.
    I hope we can find a way to insure our residents safety.

    Thank you

  • 148 Forest Street Methuen, MA, 01844, USA - Methuen
    Water tower section of forest street is a 20 mph zone, it either needs to be rezoned or the 20 needs to be enforced. As it stands nearly every car through the stretch is doing well over 20. Frequently this involves drivers speeding well beyond what is reasonable in any residential area, over the center divide, or in shoulders around turns. Many people, including kids, walk this road, daily. This section of road is too wide which encourages speeding and has no sidewalks.
  • Russ St Methuen, Massachusetts, 01844 - Methuen
    Drivers speed down street. Small children and elderly are always walking on street. Please put signed up to remind Dreiser’s of speed limit and children playing
  • 8 Swan Ave Methuen MA 01844, United States - Methuen
    MPD needs to step up with patrolling these area. warm weather the speeds are increasing. very dangerous for people walking their dog or even people and kids walking. some of these areas don't have side walks. Vermont st is a big problem people not stopping at the stop sign 🛑 at the end of Vermont and swan st. Swan Av is a speed way! And again an area with not a lot of side walks and the curve that makes it dangerous for people walking . So people have to walk on the street while cars are going at a high rate speed. I Lived in this area for many years never seen MPD doing speed checks in the area. It's time to step up before someone gets hit or worse!!!! l