Methuen Police Department PLUS

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  • Speeding ConcernsĐược thừa nhận
    29 Elm Street Methuen, MA, 01844, USA - Methuen
    The speeding the past few months has really gotten much worse at all times of the day and night. This week alone I've seen two accidents. My concern with speeding is mostly in the a.m. while school children are getting to /waiting at the bus stops. There are multiple stops on Elm St. with A LOT of children.
  • Speeding ConcernsĐược thừa nhận
    50 Elmwood Rd Methuen MA 01844, United States - Methuen
    Could do with a sign in Spanish stating that it is a dead end street Or a speed bump . anything The cars with loud exhausts come speeding down at all
    Hours and it's a wonder they haven't crashed into the houses at the end of the road ..
  • Hideaway Ln & Woodland St Methuen, MA, 01844, USA - Methuen
    Over the past 2-3 years the traffic to and from via Woodland Street has increased tremendously - in addition to speeding, after market loud mufflers and loud cars stereos disturbing the peace of residents day and night. I think the town of Methuen should also conduct a traffic study of Woodland Street and enforce/ticket speeding, excessive loud stereos/mufflers.
  • 4 Glen Forest Lane Methuen, MA, 01844, USA - Methuen
    Martineau Towing Haverhill St; speeds up and down Haverhill
    St and always uses the Jake Break which is totally uncalled for on a city street besides speeding; very disruptive and dangerous; very wreckless drivers and illegal use of the jake break
  • Haverhill St Methuen MA 01844, United States - Methuen
    A lot of people take a left or go straight here when on the road it says right turn only. I would like to see a sign added so it dosent cause accidents. It's right next to Bank of America