Public Works Department PLUS

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  • 1-21 Bancroft St Watertown, MA, 02472, USA - Watertown
    Dead squirrel on corner of Bancroft and Waverley at end of driveway. Deceased since Friday night.
  • 733 Belmont St Belmont MA 02478, United States - Watertown
    Animal control is currently out of the office this week and suggested to reach out to your team this way. Missing cat since 9/4 8:30 am. Grey tiger, skinny, male. Wondering if any calls yesterday or today for deceased or alive cat. 33 Jeanette ave. Have reached out to belmont Dpw. 508-808-2090 owner, Carrie
  • 20 Watertown Street Watertown, MA, 02472, USA - Watertown
    Dead rodent on Arsenal Playground soft pad near end of slide
  • Acton St & Falmouth Rd Watertown, MA, 02472, USA - Watertown
    dead rat next to one of the traps right near the intersection of Acton Street and Falmouth Road
  • 36 Oliver Street Watertown, Massachusetts, 02472 - Watertown
    There is a dead rat on the street near the corner of Oliver St and Pearl St.
  • 6 Langdon Ave Watertown MA 02472, United States - Watertown
    Pedestrian crossing sign broken Looks like base is still in the street -the actual sign is laying on the sidewalk
    This is the crossing at the church parking lot
  • N Beacon St & Louise St Watertown, MA, 02472, USA - Watertown
    "Pedestrian crossing" freestanding sign (yellow/white/reflective) was moved from the double yellow line on North Beacon St (at Louise St & Paul St) crosswalk. It is now standing on the curb (again) and needs to be put back on the double yellow line next to the intersection's crosswalk.
    There is also a pedestrian-activated flashing yellow walk signal at this intersection (North Beacon St at Louise and Paul Streets). Thanks.
  • 42.36523 -71.18474 - Watertown
    In Watertown Square's traffic intersection, Can you please repaint the dashed lane line that curves to divide the two lanes of vehicles at the stoplight where both lanes make a left turn from Galen onto Main st? It is worn away at the curved section where it is needed most at night. Thank you!
  • 115 Waverley Ave Watertown MA 02472, United States - Watertown
    A steel plate was placed above the open street construction involving water/sewer main pipes. When cars randomly pass over the plate at all hours of the night, the sound is quite disruptive. The ground reverberates and the window panes rattle. Waverley is a well-traveled road, even during the evening & night. Please add a temporary sign to slow cars down indicating, "Slow Steel plates ahead" etc. Thank you!
  • 61 Galen Street Watertown, Massachusetts, 02472 - Watertown
    INSTALLING 2 NO PARKING DRIVEWAY SIGNS - 1 with a left arrow and 1 with a right arrow. The signs are for the edges of the Farina Cycles driveway at 61 Galen Street.
  • 142 Robbins Road Watertown, Massachusetts, 02472 - Watertown
    Resident states "DEAD END" sign missing. Is showing on google maps from July 2019
  • Galen St Watertown, MA, 02472, USA - Watertown
    Lane designation sign for upcoming intersection on Galen Street has been missing for over 2 years now. Why can this sign not be replaced and re installed