Department of Public Works PLUS

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  • 63 Phillips St Watertown MA 02472, United States - Watertown
    End of Phillips St always floods & "new" section was not properly graded so the water is not directed to the drain (Elan apt project)
  • 66 Bates Rd Watertown, MA 02472, USA - Watertown
    the valve cover to the water main at 66 Bates Rd. was broken during sidewalk/ curb construction. Need new valve cover
  • 467–473 Mt Auburn St Watertown MA 02472, United States - Watertown
    Blocked catch basin
  • 15 Pond Street Watertown, Massachusetts, 02472 - Watertown
    Fire hydrant is badly in need of maintenance it is all rusted if you touch you could cut yourself
  • 267 School St Watertown MA 02472, United States - Watertown
    Drain at school is full Has gone down some - no longer covering 1/4 of the street but water has been flowing off this property for more than a week not sure if property owners are awareCatc bas o schoo Stree an fal
  • Common St Watertown, Massachusetts, 02472 - Watertown
    On my way west on Mt Auburn, between Common & Palfrey Streets, I smelled gas this morning. It could have been a truck or a leak. Please investigate since there has been road work in that stretch.
  • 64 Marion Road Watertown, Massachusetts, 02472 - Watertown
    "a hole in the asphalt abutting the sewer grate at the corner of Marion Rd. and Sidney St"
    Per P.A. on Truck 60, Catch basin on Sidney needs to be rebuilt.
  • 1–21 Quirk St Watertown MA 02472, United States - Watertown
    Manhole cover loose - making loud noise whenever cars drive over
  • PotholesBuksan
    247 Mount Auburn Street Watertown, MA, 02472, USA - Watertown
    I just got a flat tire hitting a pothole on Mt Auburn St going about 27 miles an hour. In the dark, with rain filling holes and traffic as it is, I didn't spot this one. Within seconds the low tire pressure light went on. I was just two blocks from home, and when I parked a moment later, the tire was flat. Drivers shouldn't have to spot and dodge tire-flattening potholes, and Mt Auburn Street has so many deep potholes it is simply unsafe. Mt Auburn Street is hazardous. Companies digging up the streets should be required to leave them in safe condition. I will try to get a picture of the pothole and its exact location during the day Friday.
  • PotholesKinilala
    54 Nyack St Watertown, Massachusetts, 02472 - Watertown
    Constituent advised that there are multiple potholes on Nyack St. in front of their residence 54 Nyack St. These potholes have been causing water to back up when it rains. Constituent is request they be fixed.
  • PotholesBuksan
    164 Galen St Watertown MA 02472, United States - Watertown
    Multiple bad potholes. Two sewer lids are bent or somehow unseated, when trucks go over the manhole covers there is a loud clanging noise. Manhole covers need to be gaskets or welded so they don't move when run over.
  • 133 Mt Auburn St Watertown MA 02472, United States - Watertown
    Rain water Not draining at all Water was going to Parker street